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December 24th 2013 11:16 am

Your Favorite Mobile OS?

The mobile phone market is huge, with phones varying in size and shape. And each phone has a little something about it that everybody likes. But you wouldn't be able to do anything on that phone without an OS. There are so many mobile OSs out right now. Each OS has something Special, and i want to know what your favorite features on those OSs are. Is there anything thats missing in the OS. Want a new feature?

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I have used everything but BB10 (still on 7; company is moving to iOS or WP). Although I enjoy iOS for a tablet, I can't say the same for a phone. For the thing I carry around and check constantly, iOS is too dumbed down for my tastes. The email client leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't help that Apple insists on such tiny phones. Android works but is a bit too messy and menu-driven for me to want to deal with daily. WP8 seems right in the middle, fast, good email client, and I find the list view of apps far easier than the messy icon panels. The integration of social media, contacts and messaging is handy and saves time.
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I almost don't feel that my opinion is all that valid.

The reason being that just a couple of days ago I got my very first smart phone. And the only reason I got the smart phone was because the company I deal with has a plan that they put a percentage of money away, when you pay your phone bill, that builds up overtime (To a limited amount. In my case it was $150.) that you could then apply that amount to upgrading a phone on their network.

I had no plans on upgrading until they sent me a message stating I qualified for a free iPhone 4s. (I'd like to mention that this company does not make you sign a contract. They keep me with good service and competitive plans.)

Three things appealed to me.

1) The phone was free.
2) The new data plan that I would need not only had all the stuff I had on my original plan, but now had data to be used and was cheaper than my original plan.
3) I have a Mac computer.

I really don't care that the phone is a generation older than the current Apple phone. I didn't need all those bells and whistles to begin with, so it is really all icing and to be honest I'm probably not going to use most of it.

Having a Mac wasn't a determining factor either. It is nice that this deal just happened to be for a iPhone and it'll mesh well with my Mac. But to be honest if the same deal was for Android or Blackberry I would've went with that.

So the reason I don't think my vote means much as of just a few days ago was my first time owning and using a smart phone. So I am only familiar with iOS. And like the Mac I've been finding that using the phone is a lot easier than I had imagined. I would have never thought I'd so quickly get used to typing on a touch screen. Even how easy it is to navigate around the phone and use it. I haven't consulted any source on how to use my iPhone as of yet as it has all been pretty easy to figure out.

There is one thing I am going to have to find out about and that is deleting apps. There are a few apps that I will never use and just want to get rid of them.

The biggest downside, so far (This is not a swipe or gripe at all.) is the battery life. My old phone I'd recharge every 5 to 8 days depending on use. I know this will be significantly lower with any smart phone, so I'm just gonna have to be a big boy and suck it up. :D
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You just need to read a lot more about iPhones. And you gotta stick with that low battery life even for current smartphones. :)
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Windows Phone. It's just fluid and fast and easy. I had two Android Nexus phones before my Lumia 1020, and I was quite fond of those too. The only phone I truly hated was the iPhone I had - I don't miss iOS whatsoever.
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I'm on Android. Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Going to upgrade to Google Play Nexus 5 soon, though. I used to love my BlackBerry for the physical keyboard, but it just couldn't keep up in terms of specs or capabilities. I do a lot of writing on all of my devices (Windows 8 tower, Mac laptop, in addition to the Android mobile devices) and like to have instant access to all of my docs on any of my machines. Google Docs allows me to do that.

I had an iPhone very briefly, and it was nice, but the screen was WAYYYYY too small for me to type on efficiently. I've played with Windows Phones, but the tech specs always seem to be sub-par, at least for the amount of money you pay.
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I had Android for a very small amount of time and I couldn't get used to it. I think since then (2010-2011 timeframe) they have made massive improvements though. I had IOS since 2010. I think the beauty of IOS is it's simplicity. Apps written for 1 platform seem to be more stable and the amount available surpass all others. The pain with IOS is Itunes in my humble opinion. Also with all this push to have everything connected makes me mad. I don't want to store things in the cloud whatsoever. I don't want to sync from there either. It just seems hyper dependent on data. If I want a phone with little or no data it isn't and option really. Anyway I can appreciate those OS's just fine, but that being said.....

I have completely converted to Windows Phone 8. I had a Nokia 620 right after the Ipadand Iphones I had since 2010. A month ago I bought the 1520 Nokia and I am HOOKED! The layout and design is awesome! NO ITUNES YEAH!!! SCORE!!!
I still have an Ipad because I still like the Ipad for Amazon Kindle function. The phone though....The camera is so cool. The apps are getting there....The Live Tiles! Nokia and Microsoft partnership is going to flourish if they continue to develop this mobile OS. I had also considered the Ubuntu phone but I am still skeptical. I'd like to see a good one come out and play with it.

I use a MAC and a PC so I am pretty neutral but I think I've found a personal winner with the Windows Phone 8. I don't limit myself in anything cars, electronics, or gear of any sort. I am never brand loyal. I look for the best, try it out, and make my decision based on practical application for me.

So I am voting Windows Phone 8! If you haven't.....might want to give it a look.
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As much as I prefer Android with Apex launcher for my personal devices (honestly, I prefer sense 5.x over vanilla too) partly for its customisability and largely for its app ecosystem... I prefer the user experience on a Windows Phone.
Currently rocking a Lumia 520 for work (I will always stick with WP for work) and an HTC One for personal use.

The way I see the biggest use difference is that in Android/iOS you choose what you want to do, then who you want to do that with (Task centric) while on WP you choose who you want to interact with, then how you want to interact (Contact centric).
Both sides of that coin allow some degree of the other behaviour, but that's their primary difference in my mind. I increasingly find myself missing the Windows way of doing things on my Android devices.
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BlackBerry 10. Once you swipe, you never go back to buttons.
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Yea, the Gestures are very nice in BB10!
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I vote BlackBerry 10 and Windows 7! Too many great things to list about both, but everyone should check out Crackberry.com if you truly would like to know about BlackBerry 10 (and not just hate and troll-bait like Engadget articles). I also love my Zune HD and the OS on that. I dislike how it was transferred to Windows Phone though.

Least favorite OS is Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 RT, iOS, and Mac OS (any version). I dislike Android also but it has been good for pushing boundaries and creating new features.
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I love Android's customization, hate iOS's restrictions and have not really delved into Windows 8 like I'd like to. However, when Microsoft (Nokia?) develop 'Cortana' I may switch up from my current Galaxy's. (Yes, I'm a Halo fanboy...)
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I have been playing with Windows 8.1 on an 8 inch tablet (The Dell Venue 8 Pro) for a few weeks and I have to say I like it a lot. I don't play a lot of games so your mileage may vary...but for me, I have already relegated the iPad I have to kids use. I am not even a Dell typical costumer. In fact I had swore I'd never buy a Dell Computer (problems with an old laptop) but I have to say I love this little tablet.
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I guess what I'm trying to say is Windows 8.1 is a fine mobile OS as long as we are counting tablets as mobile devices...
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Yes, we are!
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My favorite mobile OS is the Sharp Zaurus linux ROM. Oh, wait.... :/ Yeah, 10 years out and I still haven't found a mobile OS I like as much. Android is the least of all evils for me at the time.
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Iv never heard of that OS. I'll have to Google it.
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I'm on WP 8 Black now with Nokia Lumia 1520, and its my favorite. Don't confuse me for a fanboy but I got to try the other OS's before and I didn't like them for a phone (since your topic is about phones, right). And I won't separate the OS from other factors like the manufacturer/s since there's a lot more into the OS's than the OS itself.

Before anything else, my first legit smartphone was the iPhone 5, although I really meant to give it as a present to my sister. I really liked its build and form factor. It feels very solid and durable, and I haven't slipped it during my one week use of it. i

iOS is very restrictive. It doesn't fascinate me to have a grid of icons and folders which also display very limited information about your appointments, weather state, etc., although its UI seems to be really simple but elegant (almost everything is in white background). It is also fast and buttery smooth. And the app optimization makes some apps not work on the phone, like those optimized for tablets. But we expect almost every app to run smoothly on iOS, because of the effort that developers exert on making them, even with a high price sometimes.

I never had an Android phone but I got to root one, the LG Optimus Me, for my boss. With its very low RAM and processor speed (at 768 MHz overclocked), one can't expect it to run new Android games and I made it just enough for browsing, enabling widgets and basic phone functions like call and SMS sending to work. What I liked about Android is Android 4.4 which is expected to run on devices with at least 512 RAM. On theory, it makes Android on par with iOS and Windows Phone. But on reality, IMO only the past and current flagships can match the smoothness of the other two OS's I'd mentioned. I can't see MOST low-end Android devices bearing the lightweight version of the OS. Yes there are announcements made by manufacturers like Sony to update a few of their devices but still, it is a few number.

Another problem in Android which I think could be solved is the effort that developers put into their apps. A lot of streamlining could be done so that they can also make their apps run without lag at significantly lower than 1 GHz clock speed. Manufacturers should also help in reducing lag by making their UI near to stock Android skin as possible, like that of Sony's and Motorola's.

Another thing that I don't like in Android is the race in specs. 326 ppi (if I'm correct) is the standard for Apple's Retina display, and I agree with it. But modern Android flagships have displays with more than a hundred of that! Putting 1080p resolution on 5-inch and smaller displays are good but not usefully and significantly better than those with at least 320 ppi but only with 720p resolution.

Then there's Qualcomm's faster-than-required chipsets. The most demanding app that I use (Drastic GBA emulator) only needed at least 1.4 GHz to run on more than a single core. Then we got flagships that has more than what they need - 2.2 GHz. it's like iPhone 5S's 64-bit core and Galaxy Note 3's 4K recording - the specs are nice but they are not efficient in the current generation.

What I liked about Android is the degree of customizability. From widgets to rooting, I've done almost everything on my Nexus 7. And being a Nexus device running stock and efficiently-engineered Android, I never got a problem with the games I like to play - except of course for bugs and other developer mistakes. I also liked Gesture typing which seems to be lacking of iOS and WP.

Last but not the least, my favorite immature Window Phone 8. Yeah, the Marketplace currently houses an incomparably less number of apps compared to iOS and Android (and some are even not free), but Nokia has the bulk of what I like about WP - the Message Hub (which Google copied with the new version of Hangouts), People and Me Hub (these two make me not want a separate FB and Twitter app installes on my phone), HERE Maps (downloadable offline map of a whole country) and of course, Nokia's camera apps (very innovative apps which have no Android nor iOS counterpart like Nokia Camera, Creative Studio and Refocus). It has also built-in OneNote Microsoft Office 360 which has minimal but effective functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

One thing I liked about this OS is the performance across mobile with different hardware. I know this because I owned a Nokia Lumia 625 after my iPhone 5, and it runs apps smoothly, but sometimes, slower than what my current Lumia can handle. Their cameras are also great for their pixel size and usually better than their Android counterparts, from 5 MP cameras to the unmatched 41 MP of Nokia Lumia 1020's.

Yeah, it's my favorite, but I wouldn't say it's the best. We got to look in the far future now how Android will make lagless but less-in-specs phones, how Apple will make an innovation, useful or not, with the iPhone 6, how Microsoft can place the most-wanted apps on its store, and how the other new OS'es can make a unique but useful footprint in the mobile world.

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I like this post. I feel very similarly. I have used an iPhone for a couple of years in the past and have an iPad running iOS 7 as of right now. I use an AT&T HTC One (which I converted to a Google Play Edition) as my daily driver and even though I have never used a Windows Phone every time I pass by the Windows Store at my local mall I want to buy a Nokia 1520. I have played with it and enjoy it a lot. Android Cameras cannot touch it (nevermind the 1020) I also checked the apps and even though the total app count doesn't match what I can currently get on Android, they had every app I need except for one. The Starbucks Card one :-(. I might code a third party one as a personal project if I get a 1520.

The only thing I wished was that there would be a 5 inch version of the 1520....just slightly more pocketable.
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There are rumors of a smaller, metal-clad version of the 1520. I hope this comes true for the people expecting it. :)
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I think they all have their amazing points! On mobile, I've always used Android as my primary OS since the horrid 2.0 days.

Android's crazy flexibility and customizability makes it ideal for me on mobile. As such a personal device, I like the option of being able to have everything work EXACTLY as I'd like it to.

iOS wins in the quality and smoothness department. Download almost any app on iOS and you'll be sure of getting high quality, something Android could never even dream of offering. You also get a SIGNIFICANTLY better selection of games both in terms of quality and quantity. I find this works best on tablets, where I don't need the customization of Android, and just want the quality and games.

Windows Phone is a sexy hunk of junk. It does very little. Even more importantly, it does a lot of in very strange ways. In many ways, I still feel it's more in an alpha stage than a polished live product. However, if it gets something right, it does it so perfectly that you wonder why anyone would even think of doing it any other way. It also looks pretty good.

Ubuntu Mobile... An attempt at the IT dream of 1 size fits all. I have very little faith in it, but if it does succeed, it will be the next dominating OS.

Haven't really tried the rest, so I can't comment.
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The early android days were very bad! I had 2.1 before, and it was a huge pain!!!
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