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October 20th 2009 5:33 pm

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Helloooo RSI.
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I'll admit, I totally thought that too when I saw the video on Apple's website.
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Indeed. The balls that you lot apparently can't keep clean ( discuss.gdgt.com­/apple­/wireless­-mighty­-mouse­/suppo... ) will now probably be the least of your worries.
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Ditto and +1.
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I think it looks pretty slick and sexy, in my opinion.

It kind of reminds me of one of the concept mice from Microsoft Research Labs:

But I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out in person though and see how effective it is.
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It looks sexy ya, but I don't much understand the functionality of it. I guess its for people who love the laptop trackpad experience and want it for their PC too?

Anyone know if this would work in Win7 also? I know it has touch capability built in......

Time to head to the Apple store again!!
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I want to play with it.

I won't buy it.
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I am wondering why Apple isn't a fan of ergonomic design.
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I think this is kind of ergonomical. This will take the stress off of the fingers since the force required to press the button (even as weak of a force that is needed) is removed. My Aunt, who lost most of her pointer and middle finger in a fire, would love this design because it takes stress off of her remaining fingers. The simple swipping genstures will allow for the ease of use without having to rely on having fully functional hand. She hates having to use a computer because of how the mouse works with ther hand.
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it's not ergonomical. Every review of it has said that's the most obvious thing that wasn't considered with this mouse. I don't use the super ergo mouses from logitech, I use the LX5 and the MX Air, but I'm pretty sure they'll both be more comfortable than this. It's so low, which looks great, but it doesn't seem at all like after an hour of use this is going to be comfortable.

The only reason I am able to use the LX 5 is because it's so tall I have a place for all my fingers, where as the Air has a nice hump in the shape that gives it a good balance when switching between air remote and surface mouse (it's for the media center). This mouse would cramp my hands pretty quickly. That said, i have big hands, so I may not be the average user, but shouldn't a mouse consider a broad audience?
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I love it. LOVE it. Goodbye forever, dirty little scrollball. Helloooooo beautiful!
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Looks sexy but I'd rather use a mouse that fits my hand. This looks like you'd have to continually hover your hand over it.
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Very futuristic. Will gladly replace my constantly non-working Mighty Mouse for a Magic.
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I think the idea is really cool, but the multi-touch doesn't make much sense to me on a mouse. The trackpads make sense but watching this short engadget overview the two fingered gestures look way more difficult than they should be.

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I think it looks cool. And that's why I ordered it. :)
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looks nice yet ugly. is multitouch very useful on a mouse?
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Being able to scroll on any part of the surface of the mouse is very nice. Although I really couldn't find many gesture usage at the Apple Store other then scrolling.
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Like the iPhone-style momentum scrolling described in Apple's demo video. Hope they roll that out to Macbook/Pro touchpad scrolling too.
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I think looks wise it is pretty nice. And after using one at the Apple Store today I think that it fits pretty well in my hand too.
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When I saw the Magic Mouse first launch on the Apple website, I knew it would be an instant purchase. I currently own the Mighty Mouse which I have loved except for the scrolling ball that gets dirty.

However, I have been forced to wait for the Apple Stores to release the Magic Mouse for individual sale apart from the new iMac's, and I decided to swing by the Apple Store to check out the new mouse.

I must say I was pretty disappointed. I love the multi touch and entire concept of this new mouse. The main drawback for me is that the mouse does not seem to be ergonomic at all! I only had a quick minute to play around with it and then had to leave, but does anyone who owns this mouse have any thoughts on this? I wish Apple made the mouse a little thicker so it would "fit" in your hand and be a little more comfortable.

Again, I only used the mouse for a few seconds before I had to leave, but it didn't seem to give me the same feel my Mighty Mouse does.

If you previously owned the Mighty Mouse and are now using the Magic Mouse, can you please give me any thoughts on if you think the purchase is worth it and if I will eventually get used to the less-ergonomic design?
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I think it really looks amazing! I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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I think it's sleek and sexy for sure. Definitely have to play with it to decide if the design feels as good as it looks, and how responsive it is. I'm optimistic and positive I'll love it.
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I don't understand it. It LOOKS like some modern art paper weight to me. I want to try it out somewhere.
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I used one at an Apple Store. It was more comfortable to use than I initially thought. I found scrolling to be very intuitive and easy to do along with the right click. What was uncomfortable was the two finger swiping to page website forward and backwards. Not comfortable at all and pretty awkward.

I can see where this mouse will be very scratch prone (much like the first gen Nano) and a dirt magnet. It is very nice looking though and feels very solid. Not sure if I will purchase one (I really like the trackpad on my 13" MBP), but I am considering it.
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Went to the apple store today in Soho and tried it out. I liked the swiping, and it looked gorgeous, but I still prefer my Logitech. Doesn't quite feel as nice in the hand, and the touch screen motions are somewhat awkward (although I imagine it gets easy to use after a while). I love my touchpad on my macbook unibody but there is definitely a different learning curve here.

Recommend a wait-and-see approach, and surely spend a little while with it. That said, $70 is a fair price.
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Can't see it being comfortable, but I see others saying it is. Will have to give it a try. Anyone think its worth the $70 price tag? Ideas on its bootcamp functionality?
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Looks like soap.
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I really love the design. It's sleek and small, perfect for what I'd need. My only complaint is that it doesn't support Expose or Spaces, as the Mighty Mouse did with the Scrollball click and the 2 side buttons. I think Apple needs to add in a 3 or 4 finger click for Expose or Spaces.
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Is it silver or white?

Most pictures I've seen make it look white, which means it doesn't even match the newest hardware designs.

Why would they change the Apple Remote, but not the Mouse? Isn't that more popular?
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It's white plastic on the top, I don't think a metal feel would be comfortable for a mouse - too cold.
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It's white with a pretty thick, curved piece of glass (plastic?) on top of the white sheet.

I love it and given that Logitech's LCC (Control Center) has some nasty bugs, I am really happy to ditch my M555b mouse in favor of this. I tried Steer Mouse and other solutions, but for me, Apple mice just move better in an Apple environment.
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I've had mine for a few days now and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I'm so happy to be rid of the scroll ball! I had the side buttons turned off, so losing them isn't a problem for me. I tried several Logitech mice which were nice, but I had lots of problems with their driver software. I'm hoping that some other gestures are supported over time (mostly pinch), but so far, so good.
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Just got mine today. I've been using it for the whole day, and I'm surprised that my hand hasn't cramped up at all. I just had to get used to positioning it a little farther back on the mouse itself than I usually do. The scrolling with momentum is buttery smooth. I love the design of the thing, it's very slim. I'm just hoping they add more functionality to it, because at this point, a Logitech mouse can do everything it can do, albeit not as fancily. I hope they add support for zooming/pinching and rotating photos. Hopefully some Exposé functionality, too.
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Got one for a good part of a week now
1) As with most things mac, it works well with other mac hardware. Had several bluetooth mice in the past and there was always a problem about pairing/detecting the 3rd party mice after a restart (most recent was a logitech). I personally don't like the idea of an extra dongle for RF mice, though admittedly, I was tempted by the Revolution series before this.
2) More precise then previous mice
3) Strangely adapted my way of holding the mouse, now, the base of my palm rests on the surface (much like typing on a keyboard) and takes most weight and the natural curvature of the rest of the hand means that finger tips end up on the multitouch surface. I thought I'd have more trouble with lack of a palm rest and the low profile, but so far, it's not been an issue
4) Multi touch is smooth as butter, having used the trackpad on the macbook. Only issue? Too used to using 2 finger swipe down to scroll.

Hurrah for no moving parts... liked the idea of the scroll ball of the mighty mouse, but hated the fact it gunked up and required cleaning.

No doubt it is one beautiful piece of plastic
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I really want one, but do people not think that this is over-engineering on the part of Apple? Why do we need all these features?
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I played with it first before buying it. My main reason for replacing the Mighty is that the scroll ball dies quickly on the prior gen Mighty. A fair bit of use and the thing becomes a stuttering, useless mess. So I welcomed the sealed, multi-touch surface. It works like I expected and I'm sure Apple will ad more gesture sequences in the future.

Unfortunately, my palm feels empty and uneasy without the heft of the old mouse. The new design is too flat on the bottom for my liking. I'm slowly getting use to that aspect. But, unlike users, I find he acceleration algorithm quite natural and didn't require any adjustment time.
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I like the design because it is minimalistic and will slide easily into a laptop bag. I tried one at the Apple Store and it didn't take any instruction for me to figure out how to navigate in Safari must more quickly than on my MB track pad. I'm a power iPhone user, which I think makes it seem natural. I would imagine MBP users would adapt in no time. It is the desktop, non-iPhone users, who don't do multi-touch yet, that may find it unusual.

As for the ergonomics, my short impression is that is would be just fine for most people. Heavy mouse users like day-long web designers or Photoshop power users might experience some strain, but I don't think any more than 90% of the mouses out there. Because the surface is smooth and you can click and swipe on more surface than a traditional mouse, it may be the it would work for more people than a mouse that is shaped to fit in a particular hand. Just my thoughts.

I will keep my out for a used one on Craigslist or the like as I rarely need a mouse in my computer use, even when I do some poster design work for our church.
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works wonders for me since the mighty mouse was sluggish and the so-called scroll wheel
did not help there is no bluetooth signal problems with it
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I was holding judgement until I bought one for myself. (It is a replacement for my mighty mouse my 16 month old took apart a month ago)


yeah! it IS GREAT. I love the design+packaging. It doesn't cause any RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and it works really well (for me). Primarily I work with graphic and CAD programs like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, photoshop and illustrator and have set it up to work the way I like. The settings in system prefs include some new great features such as "scroll with momentum" and "swipe to navigate" which you can turn off. the biggest +plus is no more dirty mouse ball!

My beef:
no pinch to zoom
no rotate
the button on the bottom switches a little too easily and now it doesn't cover the optical area

In general, it definitely improves navigation, and the interface experience and is a pleasure to hold and look at!
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after reading rob's writing [boingboing] this inspired me to say...


I love it so much if I needed two I'd get another w/o hesitation in fact
I'd probably have to have a third just to be really greedy

but that got me thinking..
regarding the drudge I'm having had with rechargeable batteries
I invested in a powergenix kit because of the 1.6volts available but it
wont power my korg kaossilator which is a pain..

****I'd love a 'power mat' as a mouse pad that would be really cool****
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Personally, this mouse is exactly what the reviews said: great design, not a fabulous feel in your hand, annoying packaging leaves sticky residue on mouse, better the mighty mouse. I just like it because it doesn't have that annoying nipple that always got stuck with crap in it. The scroll is very slick.
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I love this mouse but it is slightly uncomfortable to me! Kind reminds me of the MS arch mouse I had about a year ago...but actually useful.
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I don't understand one thing about all the people complaining about RSI and ergonomics...

When you use a mouse, are you actually resting your *palm* on the mouse?

I've always been under the impression that the proper way to use a mouse, and the way that I find most comfortable, if to rest your wrist on the wrist rest, and just move the mouse with your *fingers*...that way, you don't ever have to move your arm.

Based on this, I've had no problem whatsoever using mice that don't conform to my hand. I have an MX Revolution at work and an MX 1100 at home, which look like they're form fitting, but I use them perfectly fine without wrapping my hand on them. I get as much mobility -- and actually, more nimbleness -- when using my VX Nano with my laptop(s). And the VX Nano is tiny.

I just bought a Magic Mouse (waiting for it to come in the mail), because I'd love to be able to have multitouch in a mouse, and I want something that uses Bluetooth instead of a USB dongle. Is there anything *overtly* bad about its design, if you're not a "palmer"?
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I think its an ideal mouse, but I wouldn't pay the price for it. (At least the brand new price)
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