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July 3rd 2010 2:52 pm

Youtube App for all Roku boxes!!

I tried out this a few days ago and it works very well! Here's the instructions:

* Log into your Roku account: https:­/­/owner.roku.com­/Account­/ChannelCode/
* Select add private channel, and use the code: B8VVK.
* On the Roku box select the channel store and then press home to activate the channel.

(via www.hackingnetflix.com­/2010­/06­/private­-youtube­-cha...)

You can search and access your personal Youtube content. If you have made playlists on Youtube, you can select a playlist and hit "play all" and then you have content that will keep playing very easily... hope the beta gets legit soon...

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its not working , i was not able to add channel to Roku 2 XS . Any update??
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