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July 19th 2009 8:31 pm

Zelda: Princess Twilight

Other than the hack this game has in it, is the game itself worth playing?

(I don't currently own this game and am thinking about renting it for homebrew reasons.)

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Well, what kinds of games do you like? It is an excellent game, but if you are more a fan of FPS, fighting, driving, whatever... it might not do much for you.

I would certainly give it a try, although it might seem a little slow at the beginning.
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You got it backwards, it's Twilight Princess.

The game is amazing. Really great looking for a Gamecube game ported over to Wii with Wii controls. The story is in my opinion more epic than in OoT (Ganondorf has a large battle seperated into 4 sections).

It's slow in the beginning but then it begins to pick up, although it is a bit easy, but remember, it's an 80 hour game.
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I guess I should have been more descriptive in my original post.

I like most games, as they all have a place. As a point of reference, my 3.5 year old sone and I love playing Super Mario Galaxy, which is a little on the easy side(which is good for hm).

So it sounds like a "good in the long run" type of game.
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I like this game a lot... and I've also never used it for a hack. If you're planning on trying to use it as a hack, be aware that system update 4.0 killed it (for now, thou i think i heard theres a new hack availble). Swordplay can be fun and the ability to aim your bow/hookshot/boomerang/etc.. makes playing this over prior 3D zeldas immensly more enjoyable.
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