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March 21st 2013 12:14 am

ZTE Grand X Intel

Hi, can i update my ZTE Grand X Intel from ICS 4.0 to Jelly bean? Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you.

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Jelly Bean is available for Intel-based phones, and this phone should be able to run it. But as with most Android phones, you may have to wait for both ZTE and your carrier to come to terms regarding a release date.
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Thanks for the reply.
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I'm also waiting for the update. I read on xda that ZTE announced it for March
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yeah but we have now april and i only have one update for kernel, but i found on internet to Motorola Razr I will be have update to JB so , Motorola have the same parts and I'm w8 for CM10
And sorry for my little bad english
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what's about that? is available? I have this phone with 4.0 but I want 4.1 =(
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