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July 9th 2009 7:28 pm

Zune HD, iTouch 2nd Gen, or PSP

Well, I won this competition and I have a choice of either getting an iTouch, or a PSP(not 3000). The thing is I also want a Zune HD, so what I am thinking is that I might sell either the PSP or iTouch, depending on which one I get...

But I am still not sure. I need help with the pros/cons with the products!

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Zune HD seems promising, but personally I'm taking a "wait and see" approach in terms of how robust it will be as a gaming platform. If i were you I'd get the iPod Touch for now which retails for higher than the PSP anyway, since you're considering selling.
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hey. i would take the ipod touch (not called the itouch, btw). Either way, keeping it or selling it, you'll get more value from that device. The Zune looks like it'll be really good and have features the ipod touch doesnt. of course well see what new features apple adds to the third gen ipod touch early in september.
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If you only have one, make it the iTouch -- you will be happiest.

If you can get 2, get the PSP if those kinds of games are your thing. Otherwise, ZuneHD is pretty sweet.
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you have 2 standards and a gamble to choose from - iPod Touch is the standard for a PMP with MID capabilites - the most all around device out there...

the PSP is the standard in portable gaming - take your favorite PS360 games to go... great screen (bigger than both the others btw) and multimedia functionality.. also the PSP is the only one of those 3 with upgradeable storage...

the zune hd is promising - has great screen and processor - but you have no idea what the longevity and product support will be (apps, new features, etc). Microsoft could release a zune 2HD and discontinue this one in a month...

I'm not saying theres anything wrong with gambling on products and if you have the money, get them all... but to me the two choices you one are the better choices

also, if you want to sell one, I believe the iPod Touch has better resale value than the PSP....
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I'd only get the PSP if you want a console style experience on the go. The graphics are better than the iPod Touch or iPhone and (for the moment) you can't get games of the same scope and scale on the Apple mobile platform, although some real games are starting to crop up.
Real Racing is the most promising one IMHO www.appvee.com­/t­/real­-racing. Although the graphics are still Playstation 1 quality.
On a final note you should also think about the price of games. While most PSP games are at about the same price as PC games, iPhone/iPod Touch Games start at as little as 99c.
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