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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

It's an effective enough entry-level controller for those just getting into 3D mousing, but I feel that retooling the product as a stripped-down SpaceExplorer makes much more sense than making it a sized-up Notebook SpaceNavigator for genuinely useful utility. If you're even a semi-pro getting...

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Blackfeather Blackfeather

I saw it first at engadget, and immediately purchased one. This thing makes moving around in SolidWorks so intuitive and easy. With one hand, I have instant control of my CAD models and can change my point of view without interrupting my workflow. That means I don't have to reach up to...

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jamiehs jamiehs

This is an extremely specialized device. Even as a 3D modeler, it's use to me is limited. I mostly use it with Google Earth and Cinema 4D, although I'm quicker in my 3D apps without the space navigator. I can see someone who uses CAD software using this device to show off a part or a building...

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I came across the SpaceNavigator at a friend who used it for CAD, since creating a huge model with millions of points was really straining his wrists. I decided to be geek enough to try it myself after I saw that it supported Google Earth and Google SketchUp and had an API available. SketchUp is...

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