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Engadget Jan 13, 2010

We have no doubt that Acer will sell loads of Aspire One 532hs. No, not because it's the best netbook on the market, but because it's the one with the best price.

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Computerworld Feb 11, 2010

Rather than starting from scratch, Acer made a good thing better by modifying its Aspire One 531h design to work with the new Atom N450 processor. The Aspire One 532h is not only enviably thin, with good all-around performance and battery life, but its $350 price also makes it the value netbook of...

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neotechguy neotechguy

I purchased this netbook after convincing myself that an iPad is too expensive. Don't get me wrong, if I did not have to pay for an iPad I would be writing an Apple product review instead of a details on the Aspire One 532h. This is a meta moment when you write a product review on the very...

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Loomi Loomi

...Enjoying this little machine ao 532h Aspire One Netbook. The display, l.e.d. lit, remains highly legible. I added the 2 Gb memory module myself after seeing the online video of the procedure. Some days I wished that it was an ultra book. Still, it is one of my better purchases of tech.

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computerdad computerdad

This netbook serves my travelling purposes nicely. Despite the under powered processor, I can actually stream Hulu if the internet in my hotel is fast enough. Being lightweight it makes it easier to carry it in my backpack through airports. Overall a good value for the price if you need a netbook.

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Hairbender Hairbender

I got this so I could take it camping or on trips. I is all that I wanted it to be but would not be able to use it for every day. The screen is just to small for somethings.

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