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by TgD

Is a Chromebook without cellular a big issue?
Yesterday/Today Google announced the availability of Chromebooks in 6 new countries, including Canada.

None will have 3G connectivity. Is this a big issue for you, current Chromebook owners?

(Also, side question... good for non-tech parents?, I see mine freaking out when they realize there is no Microsoft Word)

by shanghai110

Poor Battery Life On Acer Aspire 5738
It's only since I started reading these forums to try and fix my fans being on all the time that I realised my acer's battery life was way worse than most people's on here.
I have a six cell battery and out of a full charge I get maybe 1:35. this wouldn't be so bad except, when my warranty ran out 3 months ago, I made dell replace my current six cell battery which got around 1:17 full charge.
This current battery is only 3 months old, initially it did an two hours and a half but now i'm lucky to... Read more →