September 12th 2013 8:21 am

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by dave

Can a Chromebook replace your everyday laptop?
When Google first unveiled their lineup of Chromebooks at Google I/O in 2011, they promised a ultraportable computer with robust battery life, instant-on access, and even things like 3G connectivity so you could get your Internet on the go. They were basically a netbook in disguise, but cheaper... and potentially less functional. (Ah, netbooks. Remember those?)
Three years later, Google is still pushing... Read more →

by needa

chromebook and commenting
i just sold my laptop and bought a chromebook. so i dont know if this is a new issue or an old one. but when i try to reply on a comment... it disappears every twenty seconds or so. it is quite annoying. i have to keep hitting reply and hope that what i have typed so far is still there. and when it happens as i am backspacing... i lose the page all together and have to hunt it back down.

is there a fix for this on my end... or is it on yalls?