February 15th 2011 8:35 am


by pinoyhatdog

Is this an ideal 7" android tablet?
I'm thinking about getting my mom a basic tablet that won't break the bank. She'll be using it only for basic websurfing, facebook (yes, my mom is an avid facebook user - surprisingly more active on the site than me O_O), watching videos and Skype.

With those uses in mind, does the A100 fit the bill? Or are there any other tablets you might suggest in its stead?

by marcham93

How will the Kindle Fire change the way we look at tablet pricing?
So far I love my Kindle Fire beyond belief. In addition everyone I show loves it too and they go wild once they find out the $199 price tag on the unit. Many people who otherwise would have ignored tablets are running out to get one of these little multimedia bad boys. Amazon brought a well built and beautiful UI version of Android to the market. How do you think this will change the way people look at other tablets? Already when I look at similar sized tablets (Lenovo $250, B&N $250, etc..)... Read more →

by drkokandy

How's the UI on the Acer Iconia Tablet?
Walmart has a deal on the ICONIA Tab A500 and A100 - buy one, and get a gift card. I know the battery life is better on the A500, but I find the smaller screen and stock Honeycomb of the A100 appealing. If you have the A500, how do you feel about the Acer UI on top of Honeycomb? I played around with it in the store and it seems good, but I'd rather hear from you all. The deal ends on the 20th, so your response before then is appreciated :o)