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There are some gadgets that transcend their shortcomings to become objects of deep affection. For me the Iconia A100 is among them. For its generation, the CPU, GPU, and RAM are top-class. I LOVE the size. The screen is good. I've never had a problem with the viewing angle, and the resolution is more than adequate. Stock Android Honeycomb makes it really the only 7-inch tablet of its kind in its generation.

A word about the battery: I have two minds about it. First, it's bad. It would be a far more convenient device if it had greater battery life. I need to set the wifi to turn off while the device sleeps, otherwise it won't last me the several hours of daily active screen time. Second, on the other hand, it's a livingroom and bedroom device and it doesn't need to ever be very far away from the charger. And a small battery means it's lighter than it otherwise would need to be, and it charges to full very quickly.

The other day I tried out Acer's new 10.1-inch A200 with Ice Cream Sandwich. With ICS, that tablet was smooth as butter. The A100 has the same CPU. GPU, and RAM as the A200. With it's 7-inch screen, the A100 is going to be a flat-out screaming tablet once it gets the ICS update.

So because of its diminuitive size, decent weight, and awesome performance, I use the A100 all the time. The short-comings never really get in the way, and just love the thing. It is, in my opinion, the most underrated Android tablet out there. Until Asus releases its recently-announced 7-inch device, the A100 owns this category.
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