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A forgettable tablet bested even by older models


Nearly three quarters of the tablet market may have tunnel vision when it comes to a platform of choice -- that being Apple's iPad -- but for the Android faithful, there are options readily available -- a wide and confusing glut, at that. Into this mélange comes Acer's Iconia Tab A200, a tablet whose sole distinction is its Android 4.0.3 OS. With a narrow range of configurations that are too closely priced for the slight storage upgrade offered and a processor that grows more dated and comparatively sluggish as the year progresses, it's difficult to home in on a bright spot for the bulky slate.

We've seen the pitfalls of its performance, shifting as it does between occasionally snappy transitions to minuscule, though noticeable choppiness. Then there's the bothersome illegibility of its über-reflective screen. It'd be easy to lay the blame for these software quirks on its dusting of a UX, but it's more likely that the company simply neglected to fully optimize its Tegra 2 core for this skinned OS. It's not as if sleeker, more responsive and critically praised slates aren't within reach. For an extra $49, you can purchase the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or recently discounted iPad 2, each with 16GB of storage. If you choose to go that route, then all you're really missing out on is Ice Cream Sandwich and even then Samsung's promised to deliver that update very soon. Add to this the potential for sub-$300 Tegra 3 tablets hitting shelves in the near future and you won't feel much inclination to commit to this forgettable slate. The forthcoming A700, on the other hand, might be worth the wait.

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Engadget Mar 15, 2012

Acer's Iconia Tab A200 delivers acceptable performance for a mid-range, dual-core Android slate. Get this if you need to have ICS now. Otherwise, its closely priced, older rivals make for a better buy.

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CNET Mar 6, 2012

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 delivers an appealingly low price, but makes some key sacrifices to get there.

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PC Mag Mar 7, 2012

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 is a bit thick and heavy, but its low price and decent performance, coupled with the latest Android "Ice Cream Sandwich," make it a good choice for the budget-minded.

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Android Central Jan 25, 2012

No two ways about it: The Acer Iconia A200 is one of the better tablets you'll get for the price, around $350 at the time of this writing. We're digging the look. We're digging the feel. We're digging the software customizations. And while we're OK with not having a rear-facing camera, the front...

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phoneArena Jan 23, 2012

Its $330 initial price point is by far its biggest attraction, but we’d have to commend Acer on doing well with its second stab at the 10.1” form factor – despite not being a premium offering.

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T3 Apr 26, 2012

We do feel that Acer has quite an impressive budget tablet on its hands here ... Getting a 10.1-inch Tegra 2 tablet with ICS for less than £300 is a good deal in our book.

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Digital Trends Mar 22, 2012

It runs Android 4.0, but mostly feels like one of last year’s tablets – a bit heavier and bulkier than what we’re now seeing from most manufacturers. There’s nothing particularly bad about it (though it has no rear camera), but it doesn’t stand out in any noticeable way either.

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locoloki77 locoloki77

The Acer A200 Acer is known for their budget conscious products and the A200 fits that bill. With a $299 price tag for the 8GB model, and a $329 price tag for the 16GB model I purchased, they are definitely cheaper than other Android 10.1" tablets on the market. With excellent...

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DoctorThe DoctorThe

The Acer ICONIA a200 it a great Tablet, Full USB 2.0 compatibility makes life easier. It has good durability, After dropping it on a sharp rock the screen was fully shattered along with the digitizer, However the USB port lets you plug in a mouse and Bluetooth lets you turn it into a laptop!

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mdlsimpson mdlsimpson

Bought this tablet from my local retailer the week it debuted... very happy overall with the product.... Can utilize USB products such as mouse, keyboard, etc without a hitch! makes it just like a small netbook... and.... using ONLIVE software, access to windows 7 interface for free! Would buy...

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