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by th3l0n3r4ng3r

has any one had their Android tablet lose the cached logins? and settings?
I have an Acer Iconia A500. Today my browser (default browser) lost all the book marks and reset them to default. Directv app lost login as did netflix app. I had also set wifi to stay on when plugged in, it also got changed. I haven't gone to every setting that I had changed yet, so don't know what else was reset. Btw, battery has not died. It was at 32% when I turned it on.

by marcham93

How will the Kindle Fire change the way we look at tablet pricing?
So far I love my Kindle Fire beyond belief. In addition everyone I show loves it too and they go wild once they find out the $199 price tag on the unit. Many people who otherwise would have ignored tablets are running out to get one of these little multimedia bad boys. Amazon brought a well built and beautiful UI version of Android to the market. How do you think this will change the way people look at other tablets? Already when I look at similar sized tablets (Lenovo $250, B&N $250, etc..)... Read more →

by drkokandy

How's the UI on the Acer Iconia Tablet?
Walmart has a deal on the ICONIA Tab A500 and A100 - buy one, and get a gift card. I know the battery life is better on the A500, but I find the smaller screen and stock Honeycomb of the A100 appealing. If you have the A500, how do you feel about the Acer UI on top of Honeycomb? I played around with it in the store and it seems good, but I'd rather hear from you all. The deal ends on the 20th, so your response before then is appreciated :o)

by madmatt213

Anyone with an Acer ICONIA tablet download Netflix v1.3 and have it work?
I'm in the market for a Honeycomb tablet, and the full-sized USB port and $300 price tag ($100 off coupon at Staples until July 31) is drawing me to Acer's tablet. I've still been hesitant because I'd love to have Netflix on it, but with the new version of the Netflix app today working on several other tablets, I'd love to get confirmation that it is working on the Acer ICONIA. Thanks in advance!

by WhiteCircle

How do I get internet connection in tablets?
I've never had a tablet or used it. Therefore the question may not make sense but here's what my question basically is: Do I have to buy Internet services like I would in pc's? If so, how do it work? Or is it possible to get internet connections without any costs? Some of the products I'm specifically looking into are the following: Asus - Eee Pad Transformer Tablet TF101 Acer - Iconia Tablet A500 Samsung - Galaxy Tab 10.1 Apple® - iPad® 2

by WhiteCircle

Can I transfer movies, musics, pictures, documents, etc to tablets?
I barely know any about the "tablet technology" and the way it functions. The first thing I wanted to know was if the tablets are just like external drives when connected to a pc using usb port? Can I simply drag&drop the files of my choice in to the tablet? Some specific products I'm looking into are the following: Asus - Eee Pad Transformer Tablet TF101-A1 Acer - Iconia Tablet A500-10S16U Samsung - Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510MAYXAB Apple® - iPad® 2 MC979LL/A |

by njashanmal

I've noticed a few bugs in Honeycomb running on the Acer Iconia A500 most notably when clicking on a link in an email or Google Talk, the browser pops up…
and the whole screen goes haywire - anyone else having the same experience? Also the Facebook app keeps crashing and the Facebook webpage shows a "Connection Error" most of the time - again, anyone else experiencing this?

by tdanbrown

I'm in the market for a new Android Honeycomb tablet. It must be 10" and Honeycomb.
From everything I've read, it's nearly a dead on tie between the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and the Acer Iconia a500 tablets; both Tegra2, 1gb ram. I'm having the hardest time deciding between the two. The clear winner appears to be Asus per the IPS screen. But the Iconia build quality seems better; I like the aluminum. I don't plan on using a keyboard dock. I like the Iconia's usb ports and standard round power connector. I'm just worried about the tft screen and non... Read more →