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  • Features Its a full blown tablet experience with software optimized for the experience and some extra goodies like a full sized USB port and mini HDMI jack. good
  • Display Bright, vivid and with excellent color reproduction. Average viewing angles. Could be a bit more crisp. Very. responsive to touch input. so-so
  • Battery life Not as good as the iPad's but still very good. Update: the battery life seems to have degraded slightly after only a few months of light use. so-so
  • Ease of use Update: the paucity of tablet specific apps 6 months after Honeycomb came out is unacceptable & frustrating. poor
  • Storage capacity 32gb on board, expandable via MicroSD. great!
  • Design and form factor Great build quality. When in portrait orientation its narrower and longer than the ipad and in landscape is wider which makes thumb typing difficult. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) Weighs the same as ipad 1 good
  • Durability Seems well made. good
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Update after 4 months: The hardware is fine, Honeycomb however is a mess and seems less functional now then when I first bought thid thing: the pitiful range of tablet specifc apps speaks to this I think. Even Google has yet to update anything other than their core apps (which to be fair are very good). Also the browser, while itself very good, is marred by the fact that most sites identify it as a mobile and hence offer a mobile version of the site - not usually a very tablet friendly one at that - and while this can be overridden in a debug menu it invariably defaults back to mobile sites after a while. Hence the overall experience has become a disappointing and frustrating one as much for the potential that Android on tablets holds as for it's poor implementation here.
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Great review, I've been waiting to hear what people think about this one. Thanks!

i wanted to check this out at best buy today but they're closed :( i'll have to check it out monday or something. hopefully when google i/o hits there will be a nice update to honeycomb to make it a bit more stable.