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rh4rt rh4rt

Actiontec's MI424WR is definitely a good router to have if it is going to be used for basic uses. Not fantastic for gaming but great for about everything else. I did not choose it but I do definitely not mind it. Verizon use them as default and we have the High Speed FiOS. However sometimes it...

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maki maki

After frying an old D-Link router, I got this from Verizon. When the internet light was still orange and would not let me connect, I had to call Verizon. They were able to fix it easily (and it wasn't something I could do on my end). It was fried rather quickly and the second one went the...

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frankspin frankspin

For a verizon offered device it's pretty good. The web GUI is pretty horrible to navigate and finding simple features can require multiple steps.

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rittdog rittdog

REV-C router. Horrible range - seems to be interfered with by neighbors as the range degraded over time even after replacing the hardware.

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