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by pupulv

which PS to pick?
well, I know this may not be the right place to post my question...
Anyone use PhotoStudio on mac?
Someone out there saying that PhotoStudio has similar features as Photoshop but with handy price. Now I'm planning to do some photo editing work, Professional photo editing software PhotoShop & Handy photo editing software PhotoStudio, which should I pick?

by clayedwards

How do you save a fillable pdf as a non-fillable pdf on a MAC?
I have a fillable/editable pdf that I'm editing using Adobe Reader on my MAC but I need to save the finished product as a non-editable version so I can send it to my commercial printing company. How can I do this? I know there is cutepdf for Windows but I haven't been able to find anything like that for MAC.
I also tried opening in Preview (after I did my edits as preview doesn't work with fillable pdf's to my knowledge) and then printing to pdf but the formatting got cut off and messed up. I'm...

by richardlai

Is there a way to "batch-match" a bunch of time lapse photos that have slightly different focal areas?
I've done a time lapse but I also stupidly forgot to turn off the camera's auto-focus, so some of the photos are of slightly different sizes. Consequently, the video ended up with a bit of jitter in the evening part of the time lapse. Is there a way to somehow calibrate the photos so that they all have the same focal area?

I'd re-shoot but it's not cheap to fly back to Tokyo. Ugh.

by mattgibstein

How can I use Adobe Digital Editions with my nook simple touch?
To make a long story short, just bought my first dedicated eReading device: the second generation nook. I had a Borders gift card that I needed to use ASAP (they're going out of business in case you hadn't heard) so I bought a pair of novels in the Kobo store. As it so happens, Kobo's pretty cool about loading these books on other devices: the company basically gives you the ability to download them as protected ePubs and then load them on through Adobe DRM and Digital Edition software. I've... Read more →

by tekitech

Is it possible to make 3D video out of regular?
Hi, Is it possible to make 3D video out of normal one? Has anyone tried to do such thing? My sister's getting married and I want to make 3D film out of the footage. However I don't own 3D camera to shoot it in native 3D. Don't take me wrong thinking that I'm crazy or smth about 3D. The thing is the wedding will be organised in such a way that it'll include lots of action moments (racing etc.), so making the whole video in 3D will be appropriate option. The only problem is I don't know how to do... Read more →