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84 June 12th 2012 12:58 pm

Aimed at the DJ crowd, the Aiaiai TMA-1 also provides a great aural experience for the at-home crowd, with punchy bass that helps produce a nice warm tone. While the TMA-1 may feel a little snug on the head , it can be forgiven since it's solidly built, making it easy to carry anywhere without having to worry about breaking it. A version with the obligatory inline mic and iOS-compatible remote is available for $10 extra.

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CNET Jun 30, 2011

With an even helping of tight bass, level mids, and sharp high tones, the TMA-1s complimented every genre of music we pumped through them, so we won't limit our recommendation of them to DJs alone.

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Gizmodo Aug 27, 2010

It's ideal for DJs that need to hear the beat over a noisy sound PA system, but it's also good news if you listen to rock and dance music in a noisy workplace and need the volume.

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Ubergizmo Nov 29, 2010

My first feeling was "wow, it's like getting my home Bose home sound system plugged in my ears". The sound is amazing, very pure.

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Digital Trends Jun 9, 2011

These cans may be marketed to DJ’s, but they have such fantastic midrange and treble response we think that audiophiles with a secret love for guttural, punchy bass will fall in love with them.

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The Gadgeteer Feb 22, 2011

They are rugged, cool to the extreme – in a European, minimalist way – and quite fun to listen to. I wouldn’t call the TMA-1 a true audiophile headphone ... However, for the money, if there are tougher made phones out there with the sound quality these have, I haven’t seen them.

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Trevoreon Trevoreon

I'll make it simple. They're loud. The bass is actually quit good for the amount of noise isolation as well. They're decently comfortable for an hour. Well built and stylish. That's about it.

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guineapirate guineapirate

This is my first pair of high-end headphones, I am not an audiophile but am a musician and music connoisseur and find these headphones to have a brilliant sound. Nice and flat for mixing or dialing in just the right balance when listening (although normally music sounds fine without any...

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dchex dchex

I love unique products that deliver style, simplicity, quality, durability, and at the same time stay away from the mainstream fashion. If you are looking to spend around $150 and have great sounding all around headphones - you won't be disappointed with this choice; if you're DJ - than you...

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ChaosOverkill ChaosOverkill

0.0 Durability. Two pairs used sparingly in studio and for scattered gigs and they both snapped in EXACTLY THE SAME PLACE. No I was not rough with them, yes I know how to use them, no your fanboying doesn't change facts including message boards full of people with the same result. This company...

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