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If you're looking for stylish, comfortable and great-sounding Bluetooth headphones, then the K845BTs should be right in your wheel house -- though maybe not your price range. PC Mag says they offer "powerful audio performance," and What Hi-Fi says sound is "crisp, detailed, open and precise across the frequency spectrum." AKG not only delivers a good looking headphone set, but also one that G Style says feels "great" and "not too overwhelming." Wireless headphones often come with a higher price tag, and the K845BTs are no different. But, at least you know you're getting good value for your hard-earned cash.

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PC Mag Feb 3, 2014

While light on accessories for such an expensive Bluetooth headphone pair, the AKG K845 BT delivers a powerful audio experience nonetheless.

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G Style Jan 3, 2014

Even though AKG isn’t on the pop culture radar like Beats, Monster, SOL REPUBLIC, and others, the K845BT is a pair of headphones that should definitely be given a listen to and could be something greatly missed out on.

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