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The Q701s deliver crisp, natural sound that brings out all of the detail in lossless audio files, CDs, and high-bitrate digital files. If you're looking for heavy bass, you'll probably want to look elsewhere, though. It's also worth noting that the open-back design means you'll be sharing your music with the world, and won't get the same kind of noise-isolation you would from more traditional closed headphones. On the plus side, the leather headband and adjustable strap provide a comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

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CNET UK Mar 2, 2011

Bass isn't their forte, but their crystal-clear mid and high frequencies make most music a delight to listen to, and they're comfortable enough so that you won't have to give your noggin a rest every half an hour.

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Inner Fidelity Jun 13, 2011

Overall, I find the Q701 to portray the music as a well integrated whole, and deliver an open and satisfying listening experience. These are very good headphones at their price point, I strongly recommend them.

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TrustedReviews Apr 13, 2011

Their wide, flat and accurate sound puts them in a great position in competition with similarly priced headphones from Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic, Grado, and others with the choice between the options one of preference, not outright superiority.

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vonschnauzer vonschnauzer

Upon buying these I compared to maybe 20 headphones. My criteria was over-ear and that the bass wouldn't be tiring after long usage and with an open sound stage. I listen to everything from metal, trance to classical music. I recently bought Sennheiser Momentum over ear. While they are ok, the...

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Finnman Finnman

AKG is known for outstanding sound quality, and these headphones are no exception! The sound is simply amazing at every end of the spectrum, especially if you have the power to drive them, but even from my smartphone they sound great. They are quite large and cover your entire ear with ease....

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MrShortFry MrShortFry

I found these on a very special offer from Amazon a few months ago at a price I just couldn't pass up. I have numerous headphones and earphones and from a comfort point of view I just can't look past a good set of headphones. The first thing I noticed with these was the sheer size of the cans -...

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