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by awe210

Why Should I Keep My Kindle Fire?
I bought a Kindle Fire back in December, and fell in love. I loved reading and the web capabilities. But the flame has slowly been burning out, and I have been considering selling the tablet on eBay. I really don't want to have that happen. Aside from the casual web browsing, reading and Netflix, I am bored. I need some ideas of how to spice up this tablet-user relationship again.

by mitchell

What is the best device to stream online television content to a TV?
We have a television, and a high speed internet connection, but because of some conflicts with a cable provider we have decided to forgo cable or satellite television. So now we're looking into what the best way to get television content is. We have a very basic HDTV, nothing special. I'm not really a fan of smart TVs because they lack longevity, so I'd like to stick with a device that can stream television content to our TV. What device would be best for that? We have a Netflix account, so it... Read more →

by derekerdmann

Good but cheap covers for Kindle Touch
I just got a Kindle Touch and it seems fantastic, but I'd like a little more protection for that gorgeous screen. I'd love for something along the lines of the iPad 2's smart cover, which doesn't add much bulk to the device itself but still guards the tablet well.

Any recommendations? Amazon's leather lighted cover seems nice, but it's way more expensive than I'd hoped.

by dave

Does Amazon's MP3 store remember past purchases, similar to what iTunes now does?
One of the reasons I've enjoyed purchasing music from Amazon is because I get actual MP3's. However, I seem to recall that in the past, they wouldn't remember past purchases. So, if you're hard drive crashes and takes your hard earned music with you, so long!
This is something that is really interesting about iTunes and iTunes Match. Knowing that I'll have instant access to all my past purchases on all my Apple devices. That said, I prefer Amazon since they actually provide MP3s.
Anyway, does...

by maxdusseldorf

I am in Europe. Does it make sense for me to buy a Kindle Fire?
I am interested in buying a tablet for watching video, playing games and web browsing. The Kindle Fire looks like an interesting product. Although I love Apple products, I do not want to shell out for an iPad, already owning an iPod Touch and a MacBook. Questions: - Will the tablet even work in Europe? - Could I buy content for it via the Amazon store? - If not, could I put my own media content on it?

by roberto

Kindle Fire productivity apps?
The Kindle Fire data page on says that there is an email application on the device:

"Stay in touch using our built-in email app that gets your webmail (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL etc.) into a single inbox. Import your messages and contact lists from other email accounts. Additional email apps are available in our Amazon Appstore for Android."

Is this the only productivity app included? Or are there also calendar and note taking apps?

by roberto

How do you interact with the basic Kindle?
So the basic Kindle can now be acquired for as little as $79. It doesn't have a touchscreen and it doesn't have a keyboard. How exactly does one interact with this thing? I'm sure flipping pages can be done easily with back/forward buttons, but how do I search for a book I want to download? Does it have a TiVo-like text input experience?

by N3SSQwiK

Has anyone bought a "Amazon Basics" brand product?
I was looking at a few items on Amazon and a couple of items caught my eye. They were "AmazonBasics" products that included SD cards, wall mounts, HDMI cables, etc. I mean I trust Amazon as a seller, but what about as a product manufacturer. Or are they just rebranding items from another company?

If you have bought one of the products, what do you think of their quality? Is it worth the money to invest in them?

by dnlpalestina

would you get a 7-inch Amazon Kindle tablet for $250?
If the rumors are true, amazon would release a a 7-inch tablet with a capacitive touch screen by November. It would be running android and the users could be able to use the Amazon App Store on it to load their devices with the tons of content they have to offer (Apps, Music, Video, Books)... Now, another rumor says the device could cost $250 to compete directly to B&N Nook Color and the other tablets around. Indeed a very competitive price, but the real question the guys at Amazon are...