September 3rd 2011 12:11 am


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by peter

Amazon's second tablet strategy
It's well-established by now that Amazon doesn't make any money from selling tablets. Instead their model is to break-even on the hardware and make money by selling access to content and services (which is partly why we described the Kindle Fire HD as being more of a "content appliance" than a proper tablet).
While it's a different approach than that of pretty much every other hardware maker, it is a relatively straightforward strategy. However I think there's an even more subtle aspect to it... Read more →

by frankspin

Microsoft Surface RT rumored to sell for $199, but can it compete with the rest?
Rumors are circulating today that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet will be going on sale for a MSRP of $199 this October. This puts it in direct competition with the other low-priced tablets like the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and nookTablet. It also makes it one of the first mainstream 10-inch tablets to come in at such a low price. The Surface RT has the specs to compete with other budget tablets (check out a compare... Read more →

by peter

Is Amazon building a smartphone? I don't know, but if they're not they definitely should be!
So it's looking more and more like Amazon is doing a smartphone. I don't have any inside info, but there have been enough credible reports about it lately that I don't have much doubt that they're working on something. And if they're not building a smartphone they should be. In fact, they'd be crazy not to.
Why? Because Amazon is one of the few companies that has a credible shot at being a major player in mobile, and even if it's going to be tough, the stakes are so high that in many ways it'd be... Read more →

by marc

Would you buy an Amazon smartphone?
Just as the world is waiting for the next version of the Kindle Fire, Bloomberg has lit a fuse with a report that Amazon is going to come out with its own smartphone. According to the report, Amazon is working with Foxconn, the Chinese company that manufactures the iPhone (along with about 40% of all consumer electronics products). Bloomberg sees Amazon moving into smartphones in order to gain another platform for digital content distribution.... Read more →

by frankspin

Google officially announces the Nexus 7 its first Nexus tablet. Priced at $199 can it put out the Fire?
There have been rumors for a couple months now and Google has made it official during its 2012 I/O keynote. It has some pretty serious specs, including a 12-core GPU! Google is also pushing a lot with their content via the Play Store, improved Currents app and now support for magazines. It's being priced at $199 with $25 Play credit. With the Kindle Fire and B&N Nook Tablet being strong leaders in the Android tablet market do you think Google can take them over?

by marc

Are sub-$100 Android tablets on the way?
The Ematic eGlide Steal, priced at $119.95, is coming to Walmart, J&R and other retailers, and unlike other budget tablets, the 7-inch model seems to have some reasonable specs, including Ice Cream Sandwich, a front camera, HDMI out, and a microSD slot. Compare this to the Kindle Fire, which sells for about $200 and lacks all of those features, and it really does seem like a steal. Of course, a spec sheet is one thing, and earlier versions of the eGlide weren't exactly known as cutting edge... Read more →

by kernco

Bad user experience with book samples
Is it just me, or is the user experience when dealing with free samples on Kindles pretty terrible? I'm not sure if it's the same on the Fire, so let me know if it's different. But here's how it works on the e-ink Kindles.
You find a book in the store that you want the sample for, so you download it. Great. You read the sample and get to the end, and there's a link to the store to buy the full book. Great. This is where it starts going wrong. You now have both the sample and the full book on your... Read more →

by eawortman

The Kindle Fire and Custom ROM's
Has anyone here loaded a custom ROM on the Kindle Fire? I am interested in running ICS on it if I get one. I poked around on XDA some, but it seemed to be a mess of threads that I couldn't make much out of. I'm looking for people that have done it and speak from experience. Thank you.

by frankspin

WSJ is reporting that Apple is testing an 8" iPad, thoughts?
Article is here:
if they do this, and price it right, it would help them gain even more marke share in the tablet market. They have a lot to compete with in the lower priced market since the Fire came out. They are still wining the tablet market overall but with two budget friendly devices (Fire and Nook Tablet) picking up a bit of steam there is still a small segment for them to overtake. Do you think Apple should... Read more →

by dave

Most wanted gadgets for November 2011
What did you and your fellow gdgt users consider the most wanted gadgets for the month of November? Check out the following list! Samsung's Galaxy Nexus reigns supreme.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus -
  2. Nokia Lumia 800 -
  3. Apple iPhone 4S -
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire -
  5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime -
  6. Lytro Lytro -...
Read more →

by roberto

iTunes: What's in a name?
My daughter recently acquired a new iPod touch. As she was enthusiastically going through the process of adding music, videos, apps, and photos to her device, she asked me a question that has lingered with me and one which I think merits sharing with my gdgt community.
Her question was "How come there are two different stores on my iPod?" She pointed out that while on the computer all available content can be downloaded from the iTunes application, on iOS she has to go to the iTunes application... Read more →

by Deedubau

The Kindle Fire is really starting to grow on me
I was originally going to buy the Touch yesterday because I loved my Kindle 3 so much and loved e-ink technology. I went with the Fire instead (despite's Ryan's post from his sources) because I've always felt that my iPad 2 was too big to carry around in public and I have the ability to tether via my smartphone giving me instant 3G access anywhere. N
Not even after a 10 minutes after using it I was taken back by the plain and chunky looks, occasional choppy speeds, and all around it felt like a... Read more →

by peterto

First impressions of the Kindle Fire
I've only had the Kindle Fire for a few hours now and have been putting the device through its paces. Installing apps, visiting websites, reading, watching video, basically putting it through its paces. Here are my first impressions on the Kindle Fire.
Hardware and design
When designing a device as low cost, at $200, and high end as the Kindle Fire trade offs had to be made. The only modes of communication with the device is via WiFi and an indescriminately positioned microUSB slot at the bottom... Read more →