September 3rd 2011 12:11 am

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  • Features For a $200 tablet, it has many features, and can do anything that most people would be expecting. great!
  • Display Display is good, you notice some pixelation at times, but mostly everything is clear and crisp. good
  • Battery life With fairly heavy usage, I've still gotten a full day out of the battery, I find that to be pretty decent. good
  • Ease of use I actually find the Amazon Carousel to be very simple to understand and use. great!
  • Storage capacity Storage is the one big downfall of this device, however, I will agree that the cloud is really helping this device. so-so
  • Design and form factor While I have heard people scaff over it's design, I don't seen the reasoning behind it, sizing is perfect, as it's very portable, and the design is very simple great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Size it nice, the weight is a tab bit heavy, but nothing that really bothers me. good
  • Durability I've already dropped it quite a few times, I'm horrible with that, and so far no Durability issues. Not even scratched yet. good
Detailed review
I am growing to really like this device. It's obvious that Amazon designed this as a store front, but with that said, it contains every feature that the majority of consumers will need and find they want. The Amazon Carousel will even start to grow on you after a bit, even if you are an avid Android user such as myself. (You can however install Go Launcher directly from the Amazon App store, if you really want an Android experience).

At launch you have Netflix, Hulu +, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime streaming support. So video is covered. Also the Amazon Cloud for music is quite nice, and well designed and integrated into the tablet. One of the major complaints I had at first was no Google support at all, however with a quick search of XDA Developers you will find one download for all the APKs, and sideloading is an option on the Fire, so in a 5 minute time period I had all of the Google apps loaded and ready to go.

The sizing of this device is also nice, the 7inch form factor fits easily into my front coat pocket, which makes it easy to transport, The weight can be a big much if you hold it one handed for quite a long time, but I actually haven't had to much of an issue with that, as I usually lay it down if I'm watching or reading something.

Honestly at this time I can't say I'm having any second thoughts about this purchase, I would like to have a 3g/4g version in the future, but as I currently have a smartphone with Mobile Hotspot even that isn't an issue to me currently.