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The Doxie One is about $50 cheaper than the Doxie Go, and drops the maximum resolution down from 600dpi to 300dpi, eliminates support for USB flash drives, and trades an internal rechargeable battery for AAs. TUAW calls the One "an excellent piece of hardware" and says that it's "easy to set up and use." The Chronicle of Higher Education also likes the One, saying it makes it trivial to "get rid of the paper cluttering up your office, home, or car." While it doesn't offer as many options as more expensive portable scanners like the Xerox Mobile Scanner, and its software could be more flexible, the Doxie One strikes a good balance as an affordable, highly portable scanner, making it, in TUAW's words, a great option "for anyone who needs to go paperless and get organized."

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PC World Apr 30, 2013

... the scanner and app are easy to use and nicely designed, which make the system more than suitable for personal use. And it can scan about five documents per minute, which is very speedy.

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PC Mag Jan 22, 2013

The Apparent Doxie One lets you scan without a computer then easily send scans to cloud apps with Doxie software after you've moved the scans to your computer.

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Cult of Mac Dec 7, 2012

This scanner is so worth $150 it’s not funny. It’s so fast and easy to use, and the software so well-suited to batching work, that I routinely scan every piece of paper that passes through my hands. And why not, when I can have a searchable, archived PDF of every receipt in my Dropbox?

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TUAW Dec 19, 2012

Apparent has raised the bar for portable scanners with the Doxie One. It's an excellent piece of hardware supported by an easy-to-use Mac app, and it can be used with an iPad with the help of an SD card reader.

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Craving Tech Dec 2, 2012

Doxie One is an awesome portable scanner that scan papers effortlessly and flawlessly. It’s really easy to use, easy to store, and the quality of the scans is also amazing.

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Chronicle of Higher Education Nov 29, 2012

A simple little scanner that grabs the paper, runs it through, and gives you a nice digital copy is just the thing. And the Doxie Go and new Doxie One make it trivial to get rid of the paper cluttering up your office, home, or car–or to keep it from getting there in the first place.

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munrohawaii munrohawaii

The product overall is excellent and I mostly decided to post a review because of how awesome their customer service team is. I had an issue with feeding papers through my scanner for whatever the reason and they swapped it out for me. Recently I had an issue with the power connection not working...

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Jayster Jayster

Easy to use, fairly fast, good scan quality and great Doxie Software. No need for a PC while scanning as it's battery powered. I use this to scan all my paper mail and then add it to Evernote. So great to have all my docs and info's in one place and accessible from my mac, web , iPhone and iPad....

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