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Attilas Attilas

Previously had a Airport Express (2nd generation) as a main WiFi access point. I do have a PfSense router so I was simply looking for a better WiFi access point for my house. I do have multiple PC in my house but they are all hardwired. Laptop, tablet and phones are all Apple Brand so it was more...

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darrenolson darrenolson

As with all the Apple products i own, this one met all the expectations i had. Everything in our house is now Apple since i replace our old Linksys WRT54G with the Airport Extreme. No more running downstairs to reset after the PS3 was turned on or too many devices streaming at the same time....

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tman98 tman98

I love this router than any other we have had. I have gone though the other companies routers and have found this to be the best. I used to have two just to get a connection in most parts of my house and only get 5 mbps, but this has solved my problems. I got the Airport Extreme about four...

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muhan muhan

I've gone through thousands of consumer routers due to the work I do, and this router along with other Apple routers are hands down the most reliable and trouble free. Never needs rebooting, except for optional firmware updates and never goes down. It does lack some networking features that can...

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