February 4th 2013 2:45 pm

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  • Ease of use Easy to configure settings and the ports on the back are clearly labeled. great!
  • Speed / throughput I can get 50 mbps out the back but with wireless 35 mbps. great!
  • Configurability / networking features Easy for non techy people to setup but also lots of great advance stuff for the more techy. great!
  • Reliability Every now and then we would have to unplug it to reset it but since the 6.2 update it doesn't look like we ever have to agin. good
  • Range The range is HUGE. I live out in the country and we have a huge yard and we can still get a signal in the most remote parts of the yard. great!
  • Durability Well so far it is great. I have only had this for three months now so I don't quite know how long before it dies, but I do expect it to be a long time from now. great!
Detailed review
I love this router than any other we have had. I have gone though the other companies routers and have found this to be the best. I used to have two just to get a connection in most parts of my house and only get 5 mbps, but this has solved my problems.
I got the Airport Extreme about four months ago and the only problem I have had with it was every now and then it would freeze so I had to unplug it. The update for the firmware has fixed that problem now. I get about 30 mbps every where in my house and 40 mbps when I am in the room next to it. The rage is huge since I have never been able before to get wifi outside of my house and now even at the edges of my yard I still have a signal. It is easy to configure with the Airport Utility application. Also it looks better than any router I have had. It has the feature that you can plug a harddrive into it and have it available to access on your wifi. You can also have the harddrive only be accessed with a password. Or instead of hooking up a harddrive you can hook up a printer ( that's what I did). It works very well with the printer and it starts to print at almost the same time as a click print on my computer. Also with my family we have about 15+ devices connected to it so having too many users on it will most likely not be a problem for anyone.
Overall this is a fantastic product that can support many users, has a huge range, and lastly is very fast.