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  • Ease of use beyond plug and play great!
  • Speed / throughput the latest wireless standard that is still not fully adopted by the masses and is faster than most internet connections. good
  • Configurability / networking features No comments good
  • Reliability this is my 2nd time capsule machine. i have one of the 1st ones that only had 500GB and this new one is replacing it thats reliability good
  • Range No comments good
  • Durability No comments good
Detailed review
In all honesty i buy these airport devices because they are easy to use and set up.

This TC is replacing my old 500GB model from back in 2008. it was a single band model. my expectation is to get the same if not better life out of this one.

you can set up and configure your Airport TC with the app on your MAC or on your iOS devices. its is my far one of the easiest set up tools around. if you dig into the apps you can find some extra features and access levels to truly fine tune the Airport but for me i buy these device because they are just easy to use and set up. you get notification when software updates come out and for the most part after the initial set up they are maintenance free.
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