September 1st 2010 1:54 pm

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None of the other options we've tested have felt as simple, solid, and easy to use as the new Apple TV. Putting content concerns aside (which admittedly is difficult to do), the Apple TV has a lot going for it. quote

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Engadget Sep 29, 2010

None of the other options we've tested have felt as simple, solid, and easy to use as the new Apple TV. Putting content concerns aside (which admittedly is difficult to do), the Apple TV has a lot going for it.

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Laptop Magazine Oct 7, 2010

Apple TV is easy to use and has a more elegant interface, and we like the idea of streaming content from a PC more than plugging in a USB drive. AirPlay will make Apple TV even more compelling, because you'll be able to beam video and photos straight to your HDTV from devices that turn on instantly.

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PC Mag Sep 28, 2010

Sure, the rental limitations can be irksome, but, particularly for iOS device owners, the new features dramatically outweigh the letdowns. Because of its affordability, ease-of-use, and impressive capabilities, the Apple TV gets our Editors' Choice award.

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CNET Sep 30, 2010

We'd also add one more comment: if you want the simplest, most straightforward streaming-media experience, Apple TV has the edge there (too). That might not matter to tech enthusiasts who've been streaming media for years, but it makes it a more mainstream-friendly box.

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AnandTech Oct 4, 2010

The problem I have with the Apple TV is it feels like a product with a lot of wasted potential. ... With the Apple TV despite its lower pricing it’s just not complete enough. You can watch some TV shows but not others, so you have to keep cable.

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ryan ryan

The list of things I'd change in the Apple TV 2nd-gen is very short. I'd love if it had a browser (although it's obvious why it doesn't), and the codec support, lack of 1080p, and lack of 7.1 surround leave something to be desired. But for $99, it's a slam dunk, even if it's simply an inexpensive...

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dave dave

It's a cheap digital media player and set top box that has enough features to justify the cost ($99 US). It runs iOS, so it's completely responsive and easy to use. What would make this better? 1080p video, support for more formats, and even the ability to download and run media apps on it...

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dotEvan dotEvan

The Apple TV is a really solid product for the price. It's unobtrusive, easy to use, and fits well within my entertainment system. It would be great if it would connect to more services (ie: Amazon streaming), but the Netflix integration is good -- I like watching Netflix on the Apple TV over the...

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NickNieto NickNieto

The whole concept of this device for me is to act as a support and outlet for my already established itunes video and audio library. It does this flawlessly - its ability to connect to devices using home sharing makes it super simple to play mediea from a multitude of devices. Plus with...

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Jamdog30 Jamdog30

Ok, I got one of these little things the other day with the XBMC hack with all the sky sports channels and the movies. I have it hooked up to my NAS and it all works rather effortlessly which is more a XBMC thing rather than the APPLE design. The ROWMOTE from the app store is awesome as well.

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dylanbrown dylanbrown

If you're the type of person that doesn't mind being locked into the Apple ecosystem and iTunes, then chances are you're probably going to love the Apple TV. It's absolutely tiny and super sleek, and looks great as a companion to any TV. As with all Apple products, bundled accessories are...

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rayyash rayyash

It's time to say good buy to Apple TV !! with the new operating system Apple OS X Mountain Lion the only future that i was happy about in this part of the word was the Air Play, the rest of the function is not activated in in this part of...

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Tsayre Tsayre

As CheapyD from Cheap Ass Gamer famously said, "Even my toilet gets Netflix." So why get an AppleTV? I picked one up as a cool gift for my Dad, who is impossible to shop for. It ended up being so useful for sharing photos from our iPhones when we get together as a family, I got one for my sister,...

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