March 7th 2012 1:13 pm

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by nitehawk

Tips for Roku wifi connection issues?
I recently bought a Roku 2 XS for bedroom viewing of netflix, amazon instant and pandora. I live in a townhouse with thick walls and 2 sets of stairs. My router is on the main floor and though I realized that the connection would be slower upstairs than the main floor, watching netflix has become impossible when someone is watching on the tv in the living room. I have a solid router, surround sound sets for both tvs and have tried moving around the Roku with no improvement. Tips and advice are... Read more →

by matt8066

Netflix Show progress indicator on apple tv gen 3
Does anyone know if the netflix app on the 3rd gen apple tv is suppose to have "progress indicators" for tv shows, like the Xbox or vizio via apps have? I thought it was suppose to show you if you had started a show, or not watched one yet. If it is, I'm not seeing it in my ATV, and just wondering if I have to enable it somewhere. Thanks!

by Turbomac

Connection issues with iTunes
Anyone else seeing connection issues with iTunes with the latest iOS on the Apple TV? I'm seeing it on my ATV2 some but mostly with my generation 3. I think it happens after it goes to sleep. I still see the computers in the list but when I try to access them I get, "Cannot access computer". If I restart iTunes it works. If I restart the Apple TV it takes a log time to find things but then works properly. I'm running iTunes 10.6.

by mountaindewbass

Apple TV 3rd gen question vs 1st
So i have Two of the 1st gen Apple TV's. I love them and their hard drives, also they output in 1080p. So i skipped over the 2nd gen because they took away those two features. But now im looking and upgrading...and i had a really basic question. Does the 3rd gen allow streaming of all content from Itunes to the apple tv?(all the content that played on the 1st gen apple tv) I have made alot of backup copies of my movies to stream them, and was curious.