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I got used to working on this display really fast. Then all other displays seem ridiculously small, with faded colors, off whites and uneven lighting. I had it next to my CRT and it has a bigger gamut. Very, very nice. Its lighting is incredibly even and a good 6300°K. The brightness can be too much, as its lowest setting is about 100 candelas. Only controls are power and brightness and it's enough.
The only adjustment is tilt, but I found the height is good; it's top is exactly the same height as the old book-raised 17" it replaced was.
Zero dead pixels in about 4,000,000. It does suffer from zombie subpixels that stay on while they should be off. Those get worse (larger number and higher brightness) over time, so be sure to get AppleCare and get it replaced before it's three years old. Then be sure you don't get a scratched, dented and soiled refurbished one...

The cons:
- antiglare coating is too coarse when new. a couple of polishings may make it better, but it's annoying.
- CCFL lighting needs to warm up for a couple of minutes, so LED refresh would be nice
- speaking of temperature, it gets really warm, as radiating warmth. It uses about 140 Watt. Another reason to go LED.
- Speakers? Microphone? Camera? When?
- only two USB ports? Could we get maybe 8? Or 28? It would fit and I can find uses for them.
- firewire? in this day and age? Why?