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  • Picture quality Median performance for a regular 30-incher in terms of general image quality. Neither amazing, nor bad in any way. so-so
  • Design and form factor Apple's usual high standards of aesthetics make it the cleanest-looking 30" you can buy. good
  • Inputs A single DVI is all it offers. Apple sells a converter for DP for example, but it is extraordinarily unreliable in use awful!
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My most unreliable 30-incher by far to date. Extraordinary temperature-related issues (intermittent monitor operation in low temps - and we aren't exactly talking arctic conditions), panel or PSU failures, etc.

Looks, and resulting domestic-decor-friendliness about the only outstanding thing about this device. I bought these to pair with Pro's, and most have been retired in favour of Dell/HP equivalents - however they are still sporadically spread around, along with use at home.

Panel quality-wise, there's really nothing in it between Dell & HP competition.And as I may have mentioned before in relation to the 23-inch, any myths about it being pre-calibrated is just that, a myth - although panel variability from batch to batch has not been as extreme as the 23-inchers were - however there have been a number of obviously faulty monitors after a short period of use. CCFL 'fade' appears to be no worse than other similar screens on a properly working monitor.

I have used it primarily with the Pro's and some PC's and there has generally been no issues, but on the occasions that I have used the monitors with Macbook Pro's, the dual-link DVI adapter from Apple is also highly unreliable in use, resulting in display sync issues after sleep, etc - requiring a resolution change (to a single-link resolution and back) before it recovers. It is unknown - since I tend to replace all my Macbook Pro's within similar generations - if this is a GPU issue or an adapter issue.
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