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by chs5056

How to promote a Kickstarter for an App
I created a public transit app for the Pebble Smartwatch in Philadelphia and everyone I have showed is in love with the app, so I decided to make a kickstarter to bring the app to other platforms (Apple Watch, Android Wear, etc.) and more cities.
What is different about this app from other public transit apps is that it requires no user input since the stations/stops are automatically determined based on the user's location, this is perfect for a smartwatch.
The problem I am having is promoting... Read more →

by taylorwhite

Engadget, I need a new Macbook with large amounts of storage, but can't afford the $$$
Here's the background. I have a 2008 unibody Macbook, which I just recently, about a year or two ago upgraded my HDD to a 1TB drive. That set me back around $150. The problem is now I can't justifying upgrading my laptop and spending $700 for equivalent SSD memory, when I spent a fraction of that last year. I need to get a new laptop, amd would prefer a

by dave

What a ducking piece of shot. How do you get around spellcheck "issues" on your phone?
Veronica's tweet about swearing on the iPhone earlier today reminded me of something:
What are your tips and methods for getting around 'ducking' problems on your iPhone. (Do Android phones have this problem or are you able to customize the built in dictionary?)
I've seen the following ideas:
Add shortcuts:
Add a new contact:... Read more →

by dave

Is there an OS X command to regroup all windows onto current screen?
I often use a multi-monitor setup when I'm in the office (screens spread over two 24-inch monitors and my 15-inch MacBook Pro monitor -- I call it the Community Satisfaction Command Center). When I unplug for the day and head home, OS X collapses all the windows onto my laptop's screen, but it's not totally ideal.
For example, when I get home, I'll click on the icon for Airmail. It appears nothing happens. I click again, and I notice in the bottom right corner of the screen is a small smidgen of... Read more →

by insi

I need Pic3D sheet
I need Pic3D sheet. how can i buy this? i show this link

Pic3D sheet brings glasses-free 3D to iPhone for $25


by dbreuning

Is it necessary to discharge your iPhones battery on a regular basis?
With discharging I mean running the battery down to 0% and it turns off and then charging it back up to a full 100% again before taking it out and using it. I know it helps callibrate the battery better but is it actually necessary for it work better or correctly? Just started on a 5s and wanting to treat it right from the beginning. Can't really find anything on Apples site about it. I'm getting very good battery life out of it though. It can be on for a almost a full day (around 23 hours)...

by nitehawk

Airport Extreme or Express? Small house, lots of stairs
I have a Belkin N600 and want to upgrade my wifi situation. Since most of my devices are "designed in California" I want an Airport device.
Here's my situation:
I used to have a 2008 Airport express. I tried to use this as a router, but it sucks for that, prompting me to buy the Belkin N600. I used the AE for Airprint and Airplay, but sold it recently when the chance came up.
The price for a 2012 Airport Express and 2011 Airport Extreme are both around $70. The 2013 Airport Extreme is too much at... Read more →

by TgD

What am I missing that makes the airport extreme worth $199?
So I am sort-of in the market for a new router (I am currently using the wireless modem my ISP gave me) At $199, this seems more expensive than top of the line routers including the gdgt must-have Asus rt-n56u (At $95) However that router is only wireless N and the truly comparible model, the asus AC66U appears to be the same price ($205) so perhaps the airport extreme is a competitive price I am assuming the Apple router does something very well, in order to be competitive in the market. What...

by Cornbean202

How do you get rid of synced albums on iPad mini?
My sister wanted to use my iPad so that she didn't have to bring her photos on her macbook to school. She synced the photos from her macbook, but do not know how to get rid of the albums that she had created. There is no way that I can delete the albums from my iPad. I would like to just put them back, somehow onto my computer, but I don't know if that's an option. Please help me! :)