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  • Speed and features I didn't opt for the Fusion drive (couldn't justify Apple's price, plus I didn't want to wait for it) and the 5400rpm is noticeably slow. good
  • Design and form factor Looks very pretty, but I'd rather it was a little thicker yet upgradeable (per the previous model). good
  • Expandability What you buy is what you get. awful!
  • Noise Haven't noticed it. Certainly can't hear it over the TiVo fan (and it's on the other side of the room). good
  • Size and weight No comments good
  • Power consumption No comments good
Detailed review
I think the best compliment I've had regarding my decision to switch to the iMac, was when I brought it home and was unboxing it. I put it on the table and my wife was looking on dubiously. "Where's the rest of it?", she asked, wondering what I had done to the aesthetics of the room. To hear her say "Really? Wow..." was probably the nicest thing she's said about any gadget I've bought...