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  • Speed and features I have the i7, 16gb RAM, 1TB Fusion Drive, and the 680MX. Needless to say this baby is a powerhouse. great!
  • Design and form factor It's Apple. They simply have the best eye for design out there IMO. great!
  • Expandability RAM can be upgraded, and that's about it. I mean you can technically upgrade other things, but it's a lot of unnecessary work. The cost of great design. good
  • Noise Even when gaming, or rendering video, the fans barely become audible which is very nice. great!
  • Size and weight For a desktop, it's as clean as I've ever seen my desk. Basically no wires show at all except for the simple white power plug. good
  • Power consumption It uses very little power compared to a lumbering Windows desktop. great!
Detailed review
The 2012 27" iMac is my first foray into the world of Apple's iMac line. I had been, up until recently, an avid gaming PC builder, and the only Apple products I had owned were laptops, and the various iOS devices. Needless to say, I simply got tired of dealing with all the drivers, firmware updates, BSOD's, and the incessant upgrades needed to keep a gaming PC even remotely pertinent in the world of gaming. I realized that I truly enjoyed the big screen of a desktop, but have grown increasingly less picky about the "internals" of the PC, as it truly doesn't matter with parts being truly so powerful. Sometimes, like Steve Jobs said, the "experience" you have on a device is the true measure of its usefulness in our lives.

But what if you wanted to game on this? I mean, it does have nice GPU options. The 675MX is a great mobile GPU, and the 680MX is basically a desktop 680 down-clocked a bit. I can very much attest to this machine's ability to rock even the most taxing current market games, given that you won't slide every graphical detail to the highest setting. I use Nvidia's very intuitive and useful GeForce Experience in Windows on a bootcamp partition, and it automatically detects and sets the details for each game to provide a fluid gaming experience. Crysis 3 is absolutely playable, even with very high settings at 1440p - although shaders and some other effects were toned down. So all in all, for the person who wants a Mac, but also likes to kick back with a PC game from time to time, I'd say this machines is one great deal.

As for productivity, OSX simply works. It has an amazing e-mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, and browsing software built right in; it was so nice not having to spend an hour unistalling crap that you ordinarily deal with when purchasing a new Windows PC. Also, the iLife suite is so amazing, and iWorks is actually superior when it comes to working with my school work - and yes, you can import/export Word/Excel/Powerpoint files. Also, little things like AirDrop, where you can see other OSX machines, and simply drag and drop - hence the name - documents, applications, and even media files, and it automatically creates a P2P connection and sends the data over is very cool. There truly is so much to OSX that it'd be tough to cover it all in this review. Needless to say though, I am significantly happier with OSX, especially since I have an iPhone/iPad, than I ever was with Windows. It can do so much, yet it remains so simple. It truly is an OS worthy of its impeccable reputation.

So all in all, I have to give it to Apple: they've sold me on their products and software to the fullest. Not because I'm a "sheep" that throws money at them because of the simple fact that it's Apple; no, I throw money at them because their devices and software have a level of fit and finish that is unmatched by anyone….anywhere. I always thought the iMac was a waste of money; but when you really price the components, it comes out to be the same of an equivalent PC build - minus all the hassles that comes along with building it; however, if you also realize that on top of that you get with the iMac excellent customer service, integration with other devices and Mac computers, and a warranty that can't be beat - even if you don't spend extra for AppleCare extended coverage, you really have an amazing deal with this. Go by an Apple Store, or you local electronics store and check these computers out. Once you see the gorgeous screen, and the intuitive face that is OSX…you may soon be writing a review much like my own.