by gomer43

Is it better to charge your iPhone on a newer computer rather than a wall outlet?
I just recently bought a 27" iMac, and instead of charging my 4S on the wall outlet and syncing over wifi (as I was doing previously), I decided to put my iPhone dock on the desk and charge it on there overnight. Since then, I've noticed that the battery in my 4S has longer life. This has been true for about the last four days, and I am using my iPhone as much as before. Is it possible it's just better to charge on the iMac? Why would that be true?

by roberto

Can you download other voices for Mac OS X?
Daved asked a question yesterday about Siri's grating voice:


This got me thinking about the voices that come pre-installed in Mac OS X for text-to-speech and accessibility purposes. Is it possible to download more voices to install in my Mac? I so want to make my Mac sound like the Wall-E Autopilot.


by nitehawk

Does 21" iMac have a Target Display Mode? Or only the 27" iMac
I have had the same personal laptop since 2007 and I am likely going to buy one in the next calendar year. Thing is, I haven't used the portability part of the laptop much since graduating college 3 years ago and though I just started a part time grad school program, I can use my work laptop if necessary. So, after thinking this, I am considering a desktop over getting a new laptop. My wife just got a Macbook Air and I am considering an iMac. I like the Mac Mini, but the iMac just seems to be a... Read more →

by krop

iMac Memory
I was looking on Newegg.com about to buy two 4gig memory sticks. I went to http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1423#1 to check again what type to buy and I see that it is 2011 (27in iMac) to get a 1333mhz DDR3. But then 200 pin. Do they make a DDR3 200 pin? I thought it went to 204 pin when DDR3 come out?
Any thoughts on what Memory to get I was just going to go mid range and get up to use the two 2gigs that are in there and add two 4gigs to make 12.
I took a screen shot of this and was going to post...

by krop

got my first new Mac home installed lion
I got my iMac home installed lion looks sweet but there is so much I need to learn. this is my first mac after 10 years on windows. It feels so odd I dont ever know where to look. I cant get my windows to move over to the next screen or to the right or page. Im going to use Matt Cutts thinking and try to just yeas Mac for the next 30 days well that and my android phone and tablet. anyone have any ideas where I can get info on the ways to start. Just the little things that I need to know before I...

by comdak

What is the best capture device to preview/record with OSX (iMac)
- Preferably 720p or higher UPDATE: - My 360 is currently using HDMI, and I would like to maintain that if possible. Can the 360 output on both HDMI and Component if I went the route of the Hauppage HD PVR, as they are different interfaces on the back of the unit? This would also allow me to not need to keep the Hauppage powered on every time I went to use the 360. Thanks!

by TimWitters

Gaming on 27" iMac
I was wondering if this is also a good pc for gaming. I don't want to play everything on high settings but just some gaming on a medium/high settings would be nice. I know apple isn't made for gaming but after getting my frist MacBook some years ago I'm convinced OS X is just the best os out there. Also is there a big difference gaming wise between the two 27" systems? Thanks in advance

by geary

How do I get rid of a Bootcamp partition on my iMac?
New to Mac. Bought 27' iMac and installed parallels first, then bootcamp. Bootcamp would not let me choose any of the drives...they are all grayed out...something about NTFS. I assumed it wasn't installed. I figured at least I had parallels, but now I see that Bootcamp created the partition (1/2 GB) and it isn't even installed. How would I install it or get rid of the wasted partition on my HD? I guess I was supposed to install Bootcamp first. I really don't want to reformat and start over. I...