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cass cass

This review is based on my experience with an iPad and some limited experience with iPhones and iPods. Of all the mobile OSes out there, I think this is the most stable. I do get a few 3rd party app crashes here and there, but I rarely ever come across the device freezing, which is something I...

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cjtylr cjtylr

iOS is just... simple. There are a bunch of apps, but no interconnectivity between them, and no real customization. It's a very closed system - everything is controlled by Apple... which is okay at sometimes, and bad at others. There seems to be an overall lack of community innovation. That's...

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d0mth0ma5 d0mth0ma5

Apple has created a beautiful walled garden for its users to play in, and as it continue to grow so will their customer base.

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rob335 rob335

This is the best iOS, with so many features, some of which are sadly not available on some devices. To name a few, there is multitasking on certain devices, the iPhones 3Gs and 4, the latest generation of iPod Touch. Also, there is background wallpapers, only available to the previous devices....

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hyperhack hyperhack

I'm running iOS on my 32g black wifi iPad 2.I love the iPad and the only downside is the lack of openness. I'm crossing my fingers and waiting patiently for a jailbreak to hit the net, then i will be absolutely content with my iPad. It has a beautiful design and a simple but fantastic interface....

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