April 5th 2010 12:34 pm

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by JasonTsay

My Year with Android
I’m coming up on a year of living with an Android phone, so I thought now might be a nice time to post some thoughts about it.
A year ago, I was using an iPhone 4, which I had seen though iOS 4, 5, and 6. I was on the route to getting a used 4S, and then Google came along and announced the Nexus 4 – a pretty well specced, stock Android phone for $350 unlocked (16GB). I’ll admit, although I liked what I was seeing in terms of Android evolution at the time, I was pretty deeply invested in... Read more →

by dljune

Extended batteries for mobile phones
After dedicating some time to the subject and also doing work for one of the big extended batteries brands out there, I'm trying to understand where the big blogs like Engadget or CNET stand when it comes to this topic.
Personally I would not use an Android phone without an extended battery because it simply does not make sense to recharge it every 8 hours. So, 2-3 days on my Nexus S with 3900mAh battery really changed everything (hate the bulk though, but I hate low battery alert more than... Read more →

by Dawagner1

Are Developers Losing Interest in Android?
I have read that:
  1. Developers can make more money on iOS
  2. It takes more time to develop an application for Android as opposed to iOS
  3. Developers may have to account for variations in more than 550 different Android gadgets. Apple, by contrast, has just a few models.
  4. Distributing Android software to multiple application stores takes more work. For Android, there are 90 app stores.
  5. It's also not as easy to charge Android users for apps as it is on Apple devices.
For you Android developers out there. What... Read more →

by jclthei

Do you think individuals should be allowed to Root/Jailbreak?
The US Copyright Office in 2010, stated Jailbreaking iOS devices is legal. Now this exemption is running out. I would like to hear what you think about rooting or jailbreaking. I'm doing some research of my own and want any information, whether you oppose Jailbreaking/Rooting or you're in favor, I want to know. Please be as detailed as possible when replying, so that your comment is not misconstrued.

by cass

Why haven't you bought a Windows Phone yet?
I just read this article on the NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/08/technology/micr... about how Windows Phone is critically a hit, but I think it's also a "hit" with consumers too. I have a Zune HD and I think it's the best media player on the market and always enjoyed using Windows Phone in the couple of instances where I got to test them out. I also know a few (very few) Windows Phone owners that love it and seen others been... Read more →

by jslick

Is it possible to take notes in class with an ipad?
I would like to know if it is possible... well it probably is, but is it possible to efficiently take notes in class with an ipad. I know you can get one of those bluetooth keyboards which might help, but I'm an engineering student. I have to deal with writing greek letters and other symbols plus drawing circuit symbols, graphs, etc. My instincts tell me this is just not gonna work; wishful thinking. But there's a whole world of techies on gdgt!
I hate paper because I can never keep myself... Read more →

by Crave4iT

Can't update to iOS 5 from iOS 4.2.1!?
My iPhone 3gs can't update past 4.2.1, the popup keep informing me that I have the latest version.
I've fully updated my iTunes to 10.5 but it still won't update.

What do I do?

I don't have AppleCare, so the "helpful" advice from help desk of calling them, won't work.

Please anyone, I'm missing out on so many things!

by peter

Why I don't use an iPhone
People always want to know what phone I'm using -- which is one big reason why I started gdgt -- and I often get asked why I don't use an iPhone. The launch of the iPhone 4S this week presented me with yet another opportunity to pass over Apple's offering, so I thought I'd lay it out my reasons for sticking with Android.
Let me preface all this by saying that this is not a criticism of your choice of phone. If you like your phone I am really happy about that. Seriously. There's a reason why we... Read more →

by zakkforchilli

Why do you think Apple has NOT added the ability to change your "theme" of iOS yet?
I'm about to write you all a book. Read it and love it, OR! just read the title, and answer.
Post brought to you by zfwp (http://zakkforchilli.wordpress.com)
As of right now, to change your "theme" or Graphical User Interface (GUI)—you have to jailbreak your iOS device and download another third-party application. Almost every phone / Mobile OS I've ever used and almost every phone / Mobile OS I've ever heard of, seen, studied—has had the ability to change the look and feel of your general,... Read more →

by mjpuczko

The problem with android?
One of my friends just got a samsung fascinate via verizon (previously had the t mo dash) and was wondering why the stock text message app didnt have folders. I.e. Like a deleted folder or something. As of now, unless im wrong, its either inbox or comletely deleted. I told him to download handcent because it has a private box. He searched for it. No results. I was confuses because its the first result for me. After exchanging two email i find out he was looking in the vcast app store, not the... Read more →

by dave

Here's what I want in a third party browser in iOS 4 and iOS 5
A number of third party browsers have been developed and released for Apple's iOS. Despite the requirement that they must use WebKit, most of the browsers have executed some pretty interesting ideas and provided a lot of enhancements over the basic Safari browser found in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Some of the browsers off the top of my head:
  • Atomic Browser
  • Dolphin Browser
  • iCab
  • Mercury Browser
What I would love to see is them offer some extra enhancements that would seriously make me switch.... Read more →

by DanJ

Microsoft goes to App-store only distribution for Metro. Why isn't everyone upset?
According to an engadget article, Microsoft has announced that they are going to an App-store only model for Metro style apps in Windows 8. This means that all Metro style apps will have to go through microsoft for approval, distribution, and (I believe a yet to be announced) cut of the profit.
In reading and responding to comments, it seems that there is a significant amount of confusion over what this means, and its impact. So I wanted to break down some key points here.
-- You don't need one... Read more →

by kris

Do you know anyone who has never played a video game?

Recently I finished reading Nintendo Magic by Osamu Inoue, a business book that chronicles the success Nintendo had in the past decade, mostly through the DS and the Wii. It traces the development of those two devices, with some historical background on the company and the key figures that made it happen—mainly Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto (though it does talk about the influence of Gunpei Yokoi a bit as well). The book focuses on, and attributes the company's success to two things:... Read more →

by dave

Do you use or check Game Center at all?
I downloaded a new game this week called Zombie Gunship (hey, anything to do with zombies is fun in my book!). When I first open the app, the Game Center notification pops up and says, "Welcome back!" It reminded me of something -- I don't think I've opened up the Game Center app in ages. It's a potentially interesting concept (hey, we all love comparing scores and achievements against friends), but poorly executed. It's apparent that Apple has trouble grasping social (see both this and Ping).... Read more →

by dave

Amazon blinks: Kindle for iOS updated and removes link to Kindle store
Remember the news earlier this year that Apple threatened publishers to remove links in their apps that allowed people to purchase content from non-Apple sanctioned stores? It looks like Amazon blinked and updated the Kindle iOS app. Now, if you want to purchase a Kindle book, you have to manually open Safari and navigate to the Kindle store. Also, there's no way to buy books within the app using your Apple ID. Nor is there any mention of how to buy books. For new users coming to the app, this... Read more →