April 5th 2010 12:34 pm

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Despite its flaws, the iOS 4 update is certainly a solid one with enough new features to make it worth upgrading for pretty much everyone. Trying to live without even the most basic aspects of multitasking (notably state-saving) can be frustrating once you have used it for a while ... The most exciting part about iOS 4 is really what third-party developers will do with the 1,500 new APIs. After all, the iPhone experience has become one that is almost defined by its apps, and Apple has opened up a new world of possibilities with its latest API offerings. As we go into the second half of 2010, we're sure to see plenty of new apps that do creative things with Game Center, multitasking capabilities, the camera, and more. quote

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Ars Technica Jun 21, 2010

So, unless you have a specific reason to hold back—jailbreakers, we're looking at you—or you're a poor, abandoned original iPhone owner, we can't see why you wouldn't want to upgrade your iPhone or iPod touch. ... our experience says it's well worth the upgrade.

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PC Advisor Jun 8, 2010

The new additions are welcome add-ons to an already polished operating system. The lack of Flash support continues to be an issue, but Apple has shown sufficient panache in the past to suggest that this will be a winner.

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GSM Arena Jul 31, 2014

The iOS 4 is a step in the right direction. It’s by no means revolutionary, compared to what contemporary smartphones can do. But it finally brings some long overdue features.

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iLounge Jun 21, 2010

Overall, Apple’s release of iOS 4.0 follows in its predecessor’s iterative footsteps, adding features and performance boosts—obvious and non-obvious ones—that collectively make the iPhone and iPod touch families more attractive than they were last year.

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