June 7th 2012 8:31 pm

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by dave

What a ducking piece of shot. How do you get around spellcheck "issues" on your phone?
Veronica's tweet about swearing on the iPhone earlier today reminded me of something:
What are your tips and methods for getting around 'ducking' problems on your iPhone. (Do Android phones have this problem or are you able to customize the built in dictionary?)
I've seen the following ideas:
Add shortcuts:
Add a new contact:... Read more →

by Met

Does deleting a photo from your iPhone delete it from iPhoto on your Mac?
A friend of mine has the following setup:

Photos taken with her iPhone are backed up via iCloud and synced onto her MacBook Air.

If she deletes a photo on her iPhone, would it get automatically delete from the MBA?
What about the opposite? Would deleting a photo from the MBA automatically delete it from her iPhone?

by geneyus

How well does the iPhone 4 work when upgraded to iOS 6?
From previous experience, Apple products are only good for one major upgrade before there is a serious decrees in performance. Although the documentation says that the older hardware is compatible with the new OS'... Compatible, yes; willing run, yes; will it run WELL, not really. I've been reading articles on the iP4's performance under iOS 6, and the tests indicated that it does so satisfactorily. I would however want feedback from people here who have done the upgrade on the venerable iP4.

by timchoi89

How can I get my iPod Touch and iPad to consistently connect wirelessly to iTunes and sync or use the remote app?
Basically, 90% of the time, my iPod Touch and iPad don't connect to iTunes wirelessly leaving me having to sync with cords or having a dropped connection almost every time I try to sync wirelessly. I've set my iPod, iPad, and laptop to have static IPs hoping that that would work but it's not. Any help would be appreciated.

by JasonTsay

Android "Refresh Interval" parallel to iPhone push notifications?
Upon downloading a couple of social networking apps on my Android phone, I was a little confused by the "Refresh Interval" settings in each app. On the iPhone, there was only "notifications: on" and "notifications: off" yet here, they're asking me whether I want to set it to "30 minutes, 1 hour, etc..." The more frequent intervals warn me that they'll impact the battery life but I don't want Facebook to notify me only every 4 hours either?
So here's my question - what is the parallel to these... Read more →

by frankspin

Do you leave all notifications on or do you keep them disabled?
One thing I've often read with regards to planning and time management is to disable all notifications for things distracting like email. The idea being things that have constant updates or notification pull your attention away from what you're working on. Over the past week with my switch from Tweetdeck to Tweetbot I thought I'd miss built in growl notifications but it's honestly been nice. At first I was going between Tweetbot and my browser so much it was slowing me down (I use twitter for... Read more →

by RohanBhade

iCloud Account Password
I have an iCloud account which I set up for iMessage & FaceTime. I have never changed the password but since upgrading to iOS 6 it keeps prompting for the same & says that my password is incorrect & I should reset it. I know the password is right, I have not set any recovery options so I'm locked out, any help?

by darrynbish

How do I get spoken map directions on my iPhone 5?
I live in Australia, so my version of Siri has an Aussie accent, but I can't hear her speaking when I'm using IOS maps to navigate. I have the voice set to "loudest" in the map settings, my phone volume up full and my car's auxiliary lead plugged into the headphone socket but I'm still not hearing anything, not even when I unplug the audio lead and start the process again. Is this a bug, or does Australia just not get spoken turn-by-turn directions yet?
I miss the excellent navigation my Samsung...

by liz

What's a great public transit app to use with the iOS 6 Map app?
Undoubtedly, there have to be others out there who use public transit and are disappointed with the lack of handling for directions via public transit in Apple's map app. I tried Transit, but the arrival times don't seem to be accurate, at least for SF Muni (even with what looks to be GPS tracked vehicles). Has anyone got any pointers? Bonus points for apps that work in San Francisco.
Edit: Specifically looking for a public transit routing app that can use the Route function from the Apple Maps... Read more →

by geneyus

How well do you think iOS 6 will run on an iPhone 4?
From experience with Apple products, both Mac & iOS devices, you're only good for one major OS upgrade (Whole number version upgrade for iOS, +0.1 upgrade for Mac OSX). Although the specs state that it will be compatible for an older device (2 generations back), I've seen these old devices run like molasses after the 2nd upgrade!
I tried running iOS 4.0 on an iPhone 3G (came with iPhone OS 2) which didn't go well, necessitating a downgrade. Also Leopard on a PowerBook, (came with Panther),... Read more →