May 1st 2013 9:59 am

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where are they hiding mind boggling part of this device at?

is someone is holding it hostage, or for ransom somewhere in North Korea?
Apple is gonna milk this cow till it's tits fall off, they are really starting to get beyond boring not inventing any new groundbreaking devices.

yes, the software is cleaner, yes, I get it, that had they done this from day one, that most people would have felt alienated immediately from just coming off of hardware devices with buttons, and yes I get it, they continue to do things for the masses, but when will they start to understand that people want more power, more options and flexibility. the joke is, as if they already don't know, that people are willing to pay anything, if something is truly excellent in power, not just design.

...and speaking of design, does anyone, at all, have a clue of why the king of sleek and clean [jon ivy] has us looking at the completely useless bar at the bottom of the phone on the home screen? [it use to be the transparent thingy, that the apps sat on, now it's just a block that covers 1/5th of the screen FOR WHAT!!! this is where the ball buster, steve jobs would have stepped in and just pummeled the idea the second he saw it!

is there anyone at Apple that says no, "your ideas shit" anymore?