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  • Features Feature wise nothing really changed no added ports just the addition of 4G from 3G so-so
  • Display The display is great and makes text and photos and video just Pop. great!
  • Battery life between 7 & 8 hours with 4G and 10 over wifi. great battery life great!
  • Ease of use Still hands down the easiest device to just pick and use almost right out of the box. great!
  • Storage capacity not expandable but comes in 12, 32 & 65 GB models. so-so
  • Design and form factor Same design as the iPad 2. a little thicket and a little heavier but basically the same. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
  • Durability No comments good
Detailed review
Out side of the improvements to drive the new Retina display the iPad 3 really is basically the same as the iPad 2. The only other difference is the 1GB of RAM over the 512 in the iPad 2 and the addition of 4G support.

Now don’t get me wrong the Retina display on the iPad is awesome and videos look great. Text and pictures just pop. But beyond that the 3rd generation iPad really had no other redeeming feature.

iOS is the same on both with the exception of dictation which is only on the 3rd Gen iPad. Battery life is about the same. The iPad 2 doesn’t get as hot as the 3rd Gen nor is it as heavy.

Now for me, some on that will easily use the 3 to 5GB a month on 4G the speed boost in cellular data is welcomed and its fast. I’m sure as 4G gain more adoption that will change but right now its pretty good. To me the 4G is a convenience feature. Meaning that I would rather pay my 30 buck a month and always be connected than joining WiFi networks in public places, coffee shops and airports and even some these will charge me to sue them.

Would I recommend the 3rd Gen iPad to family and friends. If it’s their 1st iPad yes. If they are replacing an iPad 2 I would say no hang on to it. Its still a good device and not worth getting rid of right now. If they are on the 1st Gen that depends on what they use it for. Just surfing the net nope hold onto it or upgrade to an iPad 2 for a 100 bucks less.