by badler01

What tablet do I get for fast e-book and docx reading/scrolling?
I need a tablet that is in the 8" region and renders pdfs, docx and such quickly. I have over 50 ebooks and a huge amount of summarized personal notes - all with a heavy amount of pictures in them. I want the documents to be left in docx format for editing on-the-go. Pdfs are in the 50-200mb range with over 1000 pages in many of them. I have been looking for ages - particularly Acer Iconia W4, Tegra Note 7, Nexus 7 (2nd gen), Toshiba Encore, Galaxy Note 3 - and I am still worried that the specs... Read more →

by frankspin

Springboard crashes frequently on the 5s, any ideas?
On my 5s Springboard will crash at least once a week, sometimes I've had it crash over five times in just one day. This appears to be a common based on a quick search of the internets, but was wondering if anyone had any tips for narrowing this down? Based on reading I'm afraid that this may be an unfixable issue (is that a word?) and a result of the new A7 processor.