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  • Features all the standard features of a tablet but with the new A7, retina and iWork and iLife software. good
  • Display The retina is finally here. great!
  • Battery life with my casual use i am getting a day easy out of this tablet. great!
  • Ease of use iOS os still the easiest of the mobile OS's to just pick up and use and with that has not changed. great!
  • Storage capacity yes it has no micro SD card for expansion but you get it in sizes from 16 up to 128 GB great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
  • Durability No comments good
Detailed review
Ok, lets just say it from the start. This is what the iPad Mini should have been last year. Or at least what i wanted it to be.

The new Mini with Retina is by far a significant upgrade from the 1st model and i am not just talking about adding the Retina display. We moved up to the A7 chip with the M7 coprocessor. the new Mini has two WiFi antennas instead of one and MIMO technology. Where the 1st Gen was basically an iPad 2 that shrunk this one is in essence the new Air just smaller. Where before the iPad was behind the iPhone in now both the Air and Mini are standing with the iPhone. the only real difference now is the screen size.

This years iPads are tough tho chose between because it really is a size difference. yes there seems the a slight better processors speed on the Air than the Mini and there are articles on how the color is not quite right. But to be honest these are things i can’t seem to notice.

The Mini for me is the best iPad. I prefer the smaller size. Its easy to hold great for reading and gets great battery life. its everything i want in a small tablet.