by Cornbean202

How do you get rid of synced albums on iPad mini?
My sister wanted to use my iPad so that she didn't have to bring her photos on her macbook to school. She synced the photos from her macbook, but do not know how to get rid of the albums that she had created. There is no way that I can delete the albums from my iPad. I would like to just put them back, somehow onto my computer, but I don't know if that's an option. Please help me! :)

by Jroatch93

Is the screen too large?
I am looking at upgrading from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy Note II or Note III, depending on release dates. I was wondering if the large size of the Note is too big of a difference to handle from an iphone, or if leaving the Apple ecosystem is too big of a feat (I have an iPad). Don't get me wrong, I love the features of iOS. It just seems like there isnt much further Apple can go with it without jeopardizing the familiarity of iOS. Samsung and Google, on the other hand, are pretty much...

by Met

Does deleting a photo from your iPhone delete it from iPhoto on your Mac?
A friend of mine has the following setup:

Photos taken with her iPhone are backed up via iCloud and synced onto her MacBook Air.

If she deletes a photo on her iPhone, would it get automatically delete from the MBA?
What about the opposite? Would deleting a photo from the MBA automatically delete it from her iPhone?

by realsoda

Pogo Connect + iPad mini?
Does anyone have the Ten One Pogo Connect, I've been wanting one since around when they came out but I was waiting for the holidays. Now I have an iPad mini, anyone have one? Do you like it? If so do you have an iPad mini, and is it a bad experience on that?

by kstagg

Why? Seriously - why buy the iPad mini now?
I just don't get it. The Nexus 7 and to a lesser extent, the Kindle Fire HD beat it on essentially every spec, especially price, but yet you would still rather have the iPad mini? At what price does name recognition and glamour pricing becomes the main selling point here?
I agree, the iPad mini 2 will surely correct the shortcomings present now. So if that's the case, why buy this device now? Is it because someone may be already heavily invested in the Apple walled garden they'd have to... Read more →

by 10basetom

What color are you getting and why?
I can't decide on which color to get as I like both colors, so I'd like to hear from people who have already made up their mind about which color to get. Were there other reasons aside from just personal preference? I thought about going with black, but I heard a lot of complaints about the scuffing on the iPhone 5's black paint job. I considered white, but many people say white can be distracting when you're using it in the sun. Black is a fingerprint magnet, but white gets dirty quicker, and... Read more →