June 9th 2009 2:52 am

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by roberto

Apple's next product?
Asked by The Daily Telegraph which one Apple product he would like to be remembered by, Apple head of design Sir Jony Ive replied :
“It’s a really tough one. A lot does seem to come back to the fact that what we’re working on now feels like the most important and the best work we’ve done, and so it would be what we’re working on right now, which of course I can’t tell you about.”
What could Sir Jony and Apple be possibly working on? Share your ideas with the gdgt community here!
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by ryan

What are your favorite iOS apps?
Been thinking about posting a thread like this every once in a while to check in on the latest in apps. So tell us, what are your favorite iOS apps these days?
Here's how to post an app:
  • Check to see if the app you'd like to post is already posted. If so, just vote it up! No need to re-post it.
  • If it's not already up, post it alone (i.e. one app per post) for others to vote up. Feel free to explain why you like it so much, favorite features, etc.! Oh, and post a link if possible!
  • Feel free to post...

by marc

Should Apple be your next wireless carrier?
One industry expert thinks Apple is about to launch its own mobile service, and cut out those pesky carriers and their bothersome contract terms. Of course, in order to do so, Apple would still need to cut deals with carriers to operate on their networks, becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), much like Virgin Mobile, which runs on Sprint's network in the US. Still, being a carrier, even a virtual one, would allow Apple to do things like sell data plans via the iTunes store, and more... Read more →

by Kanogul

Has the term "Smart Phone" run its course?
No one would question that smart phones have become ubiquitous in the modern age. People who barely understand how Microsoft Word works have fairly high-tech devices in their pockets, and while not everyone who owns a smart phone uses it to its full potential, they still use it. But what do they use it for?
Take a look around a restaurant or a store, and you will see a significant percentage of the people there with their eyes glued to their phones. Are they dialing a number or checking their... Read more →

by marc

Most smartphone users want larger screens
According to a new survey, most smartphone users want larger screens; the 4-to-4.5-inch range is apparently the sweet spot. As the former owner of both a 3.5-inch iPhone and 5-inch Dell Streak, and the current owner of a 4.5-inch Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, I'd say that sounds about right. I found the iPhone's display too small for texting, reading or watching videos (though it was fine for Angry Birds). The Dell Streak, at the time the largest smartphone in existence, was great for all of... Read more →

by jclthei

Do you think individuals should be allowed to Root/Jailbreak?
The US Copyright Office in 2010, stated Jailbreaking iOS devices is legal. Now this exemption is running out. I would like to hear what you think about rooting or jailbreaking. I'm doing some research of my own and want any information, whether you oppose Jailbreaking/Rooting or you're in favor, I want to know. Please be as detailed as possible when replying, so that your comment is not misconstrued.

by dave

There's an iOS app to scrobble tracks played through iTunes Match on your device!
This is pretty sweet! I'm an obsessive Scrobbler (that is to say, I love using apps that send what music I'm currently listening to to Last.FM). I don't keep much music on my phone, thanks to services like Rdio and Pandora, but there's still a basic playlist for emergencies.
I cringe whenever I listen to it though, since there's no easy way for me to send that data back to Last.FM if I use the iPod / Music function on my iPhone. This is especially irksome now that I'm using iTunes Match -- my... Read more →

by dave

The quick camera feature in iOS 5 is actually pretty neat...
One of the things that iOS 5 introduced is the ability the quickly open the camera from the lock screen by double clicking the home button. I was thinking about this earlier in the morning and noticed that I've subconsciously been using it to take most of my photos. Check out the steps below (it sounds complicated, but it ends up being pretty fast).
Let's say I'm reading gdgt while on the bus. All the sudden, some crazy guy whips out a light saber. Obviously, I want to take a picture of this.
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    by Crave4iT

    Can't update to iOS 5 from iOS 4.2.1!?
    My iPhone 3gs can't update past 4.2.1, the popup keep informing me that I have the latest version.
    I've fully updated my iTunes to 10.5 but it still won't update.

    What do I do?

    I don't have AppleCare, so the "helpful" advice from help desk of calling them, won't work.

    Please anyone, I'm missing out on so many things!

    by frankspin

    Android's fragmentation problem visualized
    Techcrunch had an article today that pointed to a persons blog discussing the fragmentation issues within Android. It's one of the better examples I've seen discussing the issue of fragmentation among Android phones. The author went through most of the US released Android phones since 2008 and documented their OS versions. It's pretty impressive graphic and if there is one thing you can take away from it's Motorola's upgrade paths, or lake thereof. The graphic that was made to go along with it... Read more →

    by connorg

    Receiving iMessages on multiple devices
    So we had a question (http://gdgt.com/question/imessage-how-to-properly... about this a while ago but I just found some new information. gdgt won't let me answer a question multiple times so I made a new discussion thread for it.
    First, make sure that on your iPhone you can receive messages at both your phone number AND your email address.
    Now, if you go to Settings -> Messages -> Receive At -> Caller ID, you can set your Caller ID... Read more →

    by Dawagner1

    Why I Don't Use an Android Based Phone
    Some History
    I used to be an avid Palm fan when they came out with their first handheld and then their Treo. I eventually picked up a first generation iPhone after it had been out for about 8 months. I then went to a 3GS and now the 4S. I have tried Android based phones for short periods of time, say hours, not days, so I am by no means anywhere near an expert on Android based phones. I am also not writing this to try and get anybody to switch, only just to have a lively discussion.
    Why Not... Read more →

    by dave

    Do you think a "free" iPhone 3GS on contract will sell well?
    Apple's announcement that the iPhone 3GS would be free caused a bit of buzz last week.
    John Gruber speculated on how successful the 3GS would be: The truth, of course, is that free-with-a-two-year-contract is a bad way to buy a phone. If your monthly bill is $70 a month (which in my experience is low), that’s about $1700 after 24 months. The difference in total cost of ownership between a free 3GS and a $99 iPhone 4 or even a $199 iPhone 4S is negligible. But that’s not how consumer pricing... Read more →

    by ryan

    Some thoughts on this week's Apple announcements
    So, the rumors weren't true.
    New-iPhone-mania was kicked off earlier this year by a big story purporting that the 2011 iPhone wouldn't, in fact, be a "spec bump to the iPhone 4" (which we now know it is), and that the device would be a "completely redesigned handset" with a "teardrop" shape with a "swipe area," and potentially also inductive charging.
    There were also stories that another prototype iPhone handset was lost in Asia this year, which led to all the speculative case designs we saw... Read more →

    by JM250305

    iPhone Glitches
    So I have experienced this multiple times, and only now am I looking into it. I still use my iPhone 3GS 16GB. If I am in my office and utilizing the wifi, sometimes I can get a SMS or MMS out. Does anyone else experience this?

    by JasonTsay

    Older brand new phone or more current used phone?
    I'm thinking about buying a phone off contract but I'm not sure whether I should get an older phone in brand new condition (Amazon) or a more current phone in used condition (Craigslist, Swappa). Buying a brand new phone would greatly reduce worries about defects and physical condition of the hardware but I would only be able to buy an older gen device (Nexus One vs Nexus S) to be at the same budget. Buying a used phone has its risks but then having the more current phone means it would last... Read more →

    by ryan

    The iPod app has left the iOS building
    One of the things I noticed almost immediately after loading up the iOS 5 beta on my iPhone 4 was that for the first time since I got the iPhone 1st-gen back in 2007, my phone didn't have an iPod app looking back at me from the home screen. Not unlike the iPod touch and iPad before it, which use separate "Music" and "Video" apps for playing back synced media -- the iPhone has finally dropped the "iPod" app. Ultimately it doesn't mean a whole lot since all the functionality is still there (albeit... Read more →

    by RohitK

    iOS 5 and iPhone 3GS
    How many people here think that Apple will give the iPhone 3GS all the features from iOS 5? Given how Apple shafted the iPhone 3G owners when iOS 4 came out last year, I wouldn't be too surprised if they gave only a subset of features to the 3GS from the new OS. For the sake of discussion, if Apple were to provide selective features, which feature do you think would get the cut and which would survive?