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  • Reception and call quality It makes calls in places that my previous iPhones couldn't. I can replicate the grip/finger of death though, but in normal use, it's not an issue for me. good
  • Display Hands down, one of the best displays I've ever seen on a piece of consumer electronics. great!
  • Battery life In my use, battery life is significantly better than previous iPhones and I can easily last a day or more on a full charge. It's an obvious improvement. good
  • Camera No comments
  • Ease of use Apple has the ease of use of user experience of its iOS down. That said, the double tapping to switch between apps is cumbersome and non-intuitive. good
  • Design and form factor This phone is beautiful. Clean lines, smooth glass. The metal band holding it all together is another great aesthetic. I don' like the plastic bumper though. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) I think the 3.5-inch screen is the perfect size for a phone. Perfectly fits in my hand, and perfectly fits in my pocket. The phone isn't heavy, but feels solid. great!
  • Media support Plays nearly anything I throw at it. Lack of Adobe Flash support hasn't been a problem for me either. Nearly every website I visit provides alternatives. great!
  • Durability Not sure I trust this thing to stay intact if I errantly drop it on the ground. It feels solid, but I feel the glass panels will betray my trust one day. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) The App Store and accessories available cannot be beat. From the quantity and quality of apps, to the numerous third party support (stereo inputs for iPhones). great!
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iPhone 4 is easily the best iPhone to date. While the grip / finger of death is real, I've not noticed it to be a problem during my everyday use. I've dropped less calls using this phone in the past few weeks than I otherwise would have with my iPhone 3GS.
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