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  • Reception and call quality The 3 microphones and improved speakers have improved call quality over the 4S. I heard little to no distortion in my tests. great!
  • Display Still best in class. Super dense at 326 ppi. Increased height is great, and adds a surprising amount to the experience. Colors are vibrant and realistic. great!
  • Battery life Gets me through the day pretty easily, even when using LTE constantly. great!
  • Camera The front camera is greatly improved, the back camera is improved from the (still fantastic) 4S camera great!
  • Ease of use iOS hasn't changed much - still just as familiar and easy to navigate great!
  • Design and form factor Refined to near perfection. Beautiful to look at. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Feels a lot lighter which is great when holding it, the taller screen doesn't make reaching to the top of the screen that much more difficult great!
  • Media support Lots of content on iTunes and the App Store, you still need an app from the app store to play most formats, such as mkv and avi. good
  • Durability Seems fairly good so far, definitely improved from the glass back on the 4S good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) There's TV shows, movies, hundreds of thousands of high quality apps, podcasts, books, and more. iCloud is really useful and works well great!
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Coming from the 4S, this was a big upgrade. The taller screen is great for viewing more content at once. I love the design, it fits well into Apple's product line and feels designed down to the very smallest details. A lot better than the plastic, slightly ugly GSIII. The software feels a little dated but it's easy to navigate, and does most of what I want from a smartphone. LTE speeds are faster than my home wi-fi, I just wish AT&T had an unlimited plan, seen as I get through my data in just a few days. No complaints about speed, the phone never lags and everything loads extremely quickly. In terms of the hardware itself, I see little reason for those with an Android phone to criticize, but at the moment if they're happy with their current phone and don't mind a less well designed phone, Android 4.0/4.1 is a great OS that, at the moment, offers more than iOS. But for me, coming from the previous generation iPhone, I'm really happy with the iPhone 5.
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