by dave

What a ducking piece of shot. How do you get around spellcheck "issues" on your phone?
Veronica's tweet about swearing on the iPhone earlier today reminded me of something:
What are your tips and methods for getting around 'ducking' problems on your iPhone. (Do Android phones have this problem or are you able to customize the built in dictionary?)
I've seen the following ideas:
Add shortcuts:
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by dbreuning

Is it necessary to discharge your iPhones battery on a regular basis?
With discharging I mean running the battery down to 0% and it turns off and then charging it back up to a full 100% again before taking it out and using it. I know it helps callibrate the battery better but is it actually necessary for it work better or correctly? Just started on a 5s and wanting to treat it right from the beginning. Can't really find anything on Apples site about it. I'm getting very good battery life out of it though. It can be on for a almost a full day (around 23 hours)...