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by Aimeehcqs

Iphone 5c will be stopped production in mid of 2015
According to Taiwan's Commercial Times reported that Apple iPhone 5c will be stopped production in mid-next year, Currently two of the big supplier of apple Foxconn and Wistron will gradually stop producing iPhone 5c.
After the release of the iPhone 5c last year, the sales quantity in the market is much lower than expected, although its colorful shell design more fashionable and younger, but the price compared to the iPhone 5s there is no greater advantage.
With the iphone 5c quit the stage of... Read more →

by johncolucci

If you're thinking about pre-ordering a new iPhone tonight, read this first.
I'm pretty excited about the iPhone 6 Plus and hope to score one tonight (er, tomorrow morning - September 12) when it goes on pre-order. If you're thinking about doing the same (or getting an iPhone 6), pre-orders will start on Apple Store's website, major mobile carriers and select Apple retail partners like ... Read more →

by frankspin

Apple finally introduces the Apple Watch, and the iPhones get bigger. What do you think?
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:
Apple finally kicked up their iPhone to a 'phablet' size with the 6 Plus, which now clocks in with a 5.5-inch screen. The ole 6 comes in at 4.7-inches which is a step up from the previous 4-inch display.
The new phones also bring with them Apple Pay, Apple's answer to NFC based payment systems. This has been around in Android phones for at least 18 months now, but... Read more →

by rshnvjy

Virtual horizons on smartphones
We all know that smartphones today have built in accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. With all these orientation-aware stuff packed in, why can't any phone manufacturer enable a feature like a 'virtual horizon' on the camera viewfinder? Most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have this feature today.

by frankspin

Best way to identify battery draining apps on iOS?
Something is absolutely destroying my battery on my iPhone 5s. I can take it off the charger at 6:30 and by 2:30 I'm having to place it back on the charger because it's almost in the red (less than 20%). It's a feature I never used on Android, but I'm kind of missing it right now.

How can I best identify just what in the hell is crushing my battery?

by dave

What is the real "worst tech product of 2013"?
The 2013 Engadget Readers' Choice awards are over! There were many winners, and one big loser. You can check out the full list of results right here: http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/20/winners-2013-engadget-awards-readers-choice/
One of the more surprising results was for the worst product of 2013. The winner of this unfortunate category?
The iPhone 5c.
I know there's often a lot... Read more →

by sen619

Audio quality Tests & Comparisons - II !
I saw an article here @endgadet about the audio quality of different cellphones...it was a great article and I being an audio enthusiast really appreciated that...that test was taken about a year ago...and now, there are many new devices that claim and are worth checking if you're an audiophile so as the audio quality is your only concern nothing else....like for eg. HTC One & One Max, Sony Xperia Z & Z1, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520 & Lumia 925, Apple iPhone 5S & iphone 5C, Samsung... Read more →

by frankspin

Are the iOS 7 animations causing motion sickness?
The Verge ran across an Apple support thread about a number of users complaining of headaches and nausea from the increase in animations for iOS 7. A number of users are chiming in to say they too are having issues from the new animations. The single biggest request is the ability to turn them off, or potentially speed them up.
I have to agree that the animations are a bit long in the tooth and they can be a bit excessive with the zoom-in and zoom-out affect.
If you upgraded to iOS 7 have you been... Read more →

by dave

Discuss the Apple iPhone 5S keynote right here!
Places, people! The Apple keynote is almost here. Let's discuss the new announcements as they happen.
Follow along on Engadget's live blog, right here (all photos I post here are courtesy of Engadget): http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/10/apple-iphone-li...
Also, check out our discussion yesterday on what readers think that Apple needs to get right for the new iPhone:... Read more →