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by MacReal

Apple vs. Samsung
I was kind of disappointed when I first seen this phone because the only new things on it are really the TouchID and a faster chip and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a ton of other cool features that Apple should of been already had with their phone. There is nothing wrong with the vast majority of apps in the App Store but Apple needs to stop depending on that and work better on their hardware. Hopefully they will do better with the next version of their iPhone and they should start first with a...

by johncolucci

What's the deal with luxury feature phones?
Today on Engadget, we shared news of two different luxury phones coming to market:
TAG Heuer Meridiist Infinite
Gresso Azimuth
My question is, why would anyone of considerable wealth go back in... Read more →

by frankspin

iTunes Match, Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player. Do you use them and which do you prefer?
Currently I have a computer running Subsonic so that I can easily access my library anywhere. For a while I loved the software, but of late it has been less than stellar. Not to mention the local client support for OSX is getting pretty terrible.
I've been looking into alternatives, but I'm finding options are pretty limited with what I need. I'm ultimately looking for a service that is similar, but still offers me the things I enjoyed about Subsonic. Mainly having access to my files still (no... Read more →

by GregOnslaught

Google Music in Canada
I'm not sure if this is a common opinion but I'd like to find out: if Google Music was fully available in Canada and was competitive with iTunes Match I would have an Android phone. I wouldn't even have to think twice about it. However as it stands I'm simply too invested in the Apple ecosystem with an iTunes music library over 100GB which I access using iTunes Match everyday on my 64GB 4S on an unlimited data plan (I keep about 20-30GB on the phone and stream the rest). If I could do this on an... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you handle tracking your daily routines and journaling?
Something that I have been trying to get into more is logging daily activities, work related duties, photos and just general journaling. This has become far easier thanks to smartphones and there is no shortage of tools to make this possible. I have a few different ones that I use to accomplish specific tasks, but I'm always open to hear how other people go about handling their daily journaling.
  • Daily Journal - I can't speak highly enough of DayOne and everything it...
Read more →

by swin1974

What's your most effective and satisfying app experience?
I have bitched and complained about iTunes a lot. But I have to say some apps just deliver a cool experience. Like iMovie on iOS. iMovie on the iPhone or IPad, is quick, fun and easy to use. Slow motion is cool too. I make simple 2 or 3 minute videos with music and effects of my 3 yr old son enjoying a snow day or learning to ride a bike and share them with family on Vimeo, iMovie Theater, or Google+ Also, I started the year wanting to get healthy, so I bought a Fitbit Force, began faithfully... Read more →

by swin1974

Why do I still use iTunes?
Seriously. If anyone can give me a good reason, I'd love to hear it. There was the "cash for clunkers" initiative for old cars that people were stuck with a couple of years ago; if only there was something similar for iTunes. I love my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. I reluctantly continue with a Dell Inspiron (Windows 7 Laptop) because I can't afford an iMac or MacBook to use as my server for my movie library. I like iTunes Match and the fact that when I buy anything it arrives across all my... Read more →

by dave

My problem with Siri...
I've been trying to make a conscious effort to use Siri more than just setting a timer while we cook. Things like reminders, notes, and the occasional Google or Wolfram Alpha query. However, there's one issue that keeps cropping up that makes it frustrating to use (besides its horrible accuracy):
Seriously! I have some sort of eloquent thought I want to save, or maybe a list of 5 items I want to add to a shopping list. I hit the home button, wait for the... Read more →

by swin1974

What apps and devices are you using to get healthy?
The new year was the impetus I needed to think seriously about getting healthy. So I bought a Fitbit Force, started tracking nutrition on Lose it app again, bought the premium version of Fitstar (my favorite app right now) and have them all connected so I don't permanently have my face buried in my phone logging activity, sleep, hydration, nutrition and workouts. I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 which I use for more accurate heart rate, calories burned and mileage data for my workouts (connected... Read more →

by sen619

Audio quality Tests & Comparisons - II !
I saw an article here @endgadet about the audio quality of different cellphones...it was a great article and I being an audio enthusiast really appreciated that...that test was taken about a year ago...and now, there are many new devices that claim and are worth checking if you're an audiophile so as the audio quality is your only concern nothing else....like for eg. HTC One & One Max, Sony Xperia Z & Z1, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520 & Lumia 925, Apple iPhone 5S & iphone 5C, Samsung... Read more →

by undulose

Similarity between iPhone 5S and Nexus 5
Despite of the price tag, material of body, difference in processor computing type and degree of openness system, I noticed that Nexus phones and iPhones have a lot in common. I'll list those features that I'd observed:

1) Non-removable batteries
2) Non-expandable storage
3) 8 MP cameras enhanced by software
4) Timely OS updates
5) Plain but solid and compact built

What are your thoughts about these? Does these features make the best phone for the average user?

by sofica

CamSpeed, Camera Speed Comparison (Iphone 5s, Galaxy S4, Lumia 1020..)
Here is a result snapshot of the CamSpeed database comparing some of the most popular smartphones currently available.
List contains average measurements of the listed models in normal light conditions.
As you can see Oppo Find5 is a lot faster to take the first picture than Lumia 1020. Those 38MP have their cost, but on the other hand Sony Xperia Z1(C6903) with its 20MP camera is still pretty fast.
Another interesting thing is... Read more →

by frankspin

Moving from Android to iOS is not as bad as you think
As a previous Android user I often saw a lot of Android users exclaim about how coming to Android was such a liberating experience from the grasp of Apple's walled garden. For the last few years I believed this, but over time I started to open up to what Apple and iOS have to offer. After moving to the iPhone 5s this past September I can comfortably say making the move is not nearly as bad as it's made out to be, and to be honest it's been nice to not have the freedom that Android provides.
... Read more →